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How Online Forms Can Anchor Your Business

July 14, 2016
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As a business leader, you are likely always on the lookout for great solutions to your organization’s problems. You are driven to empower all employees and help them work as productively as possible. And you don’t want anyone at your company to feel bogged down by menial tasks.

But, chances are, you haven’t quite hit the mark. According to a productivity report by ServiceNow, managers are spending roughly two days a week on administrative tasks, leaving them with too little time to spend on department strategies and other important work. And 86% of these managers say automating work processes would increase their productivity.

A study by ADP echoes the automation sentiment, noting that 55% of modern employees feel positive about the replacement of repetitive work with automation. And it’s not just about streamlining processes for one department. The ServiceNow report found that nine in ten managers say their productivity hinges on the efficiency of routine work processes across the company, such as IT support processes and employee onboarding processes.

So how do you address this problem and move your business forward? You could invest in a number of discipline-specific tools aimed at streamlining processes for particular departments. Or you could go for one versatile tool that solves problems for every team: an online form builder.

With vast flexibility and connections to existing web apps, an online form builder can serve as your business anchor. No matter your industry, it’s the only solution you need to manage information across your business and accomplish goals more quickly.

According to a study by Forrester and DocuSign, 83% of information technology and line-of-business decision-makers have expressed a need for a digital transaction management solution for their business. An online form solution like Formstack has limitless potential when it comes to managing digital transactions for every department in an organization.

Here are just a few ways online forms can positively impact your business teams:

Human Resources

With an online form builder, your human resources department can design efficient workflows for the stack of administrative processes they manage. For example, they can create forms that help standardize and organize employee onboarding, annual reviews, PTO requests, employee satisfaction, and more.

Stream Processes with an HR Form Template

With HR tasks like recruiting already nearly 100% digital, HR departments could benefit from a dynamic online forms solution. According to the study by Forrester and DocuSign, 76% of respondents believe the competitive impact of a digital transaction management solution is “very significant” for the HR business function.

Case in point: KleenMark used Formstack to create a hiring request form that greatly increased the visibility of new hire needs and eliminated nearly 2,000 hard-to-manage email threads. The KleenMark HR department also saved thousands of dollars by building a training program in Formstack rather than purchasing an educational platform.


An online form builder can help your marketing department easily design branded forms to collect more leads. For example, marketers can create event registration forms, contact forms, lead capture forms, customer surveys, and more.

Formstack Marketing Form Template

Formstack offers a number of solutions for digital marketers—no matter the industry. Our tool’s seamless branding capabilities and embeddable forms helped University of Nevada-Reno increase campus visits by 45% and boost enrollment by 70% in two years.

Additionally, digital marketing agency Miami Web Company used Formstack to help a medical society client collect and manage 1,100 sign-ups across 90 countries in just 30 days. Formstack’s ease-of-use and robust features also allowed Miami Web Company to save roughly 50 hours in development time and increase the conversion rate of the sign-up form by 114%.


Sales teams can use an online form builder to efficiently manage communications and online orders. For example, sales representatives can create online forms for contract management, training assessments, demo or meeting requests, manager approvals, product orders, and more.

Formstack Sales Form Template

Forrester and DocuSign found that 72% of respondents believe the competitive impact of a digital transaction management solution is “very significant” for the sales business function. A solution like online forms can increase the efficiency of several sales processes, including product orders.

Living proof: Goose the Market, a foodservice business, sold more turkeys than ever before after implementing a secure online order form for Thanksgiving. The company saw similar success at Easter, experiencing sales that were two and half times greater due to the ease of ordering. Additionally, after implementing Formstack forms for its “of the month” clubs (bacon club, wine club, and beer and cheese club), Goose the Market had a huge uptick in membership and a better retention rate.


An online form builder can help finance or accounting teams streamline financial documentation and approval processes. For example, finance team members can create forms for check requests, new vendor information, reimbursement requests, payroll changes, and more.

Formstack Finance Form Template

Over 80% of those surveyed by Forrester and DocuSign believe the competitive impact of a digital transaction management solution is “very significant” for the finance business function. An online form solution can help accounting professionals gather critical financial information and keep it organized and actionable.

For instance, the well-known tea company Twinings used Formstack to create a new customer request form for its sales team and added Approval Workflow to standardize the financial approval process for adding new food service customers to the Twinings database. This systematic process created through Formstack cut off at least two days from the workflow for each new customer approval.

Information Technology

IT teams can use online forms for a variety of administrative processes that are part of their job responsibilities. For example, online forms can be used to manage feature requests, equipment logs, equipment requests or approvals, bug fixes, and more.

Formstack IT Service Request Form Template

According to the study by Forrester and DocuSign, 84% of respondents believe the competitive impact of a digital transaction management solution is “very significant” for the IT business function. Because the IT team is often tasked with resolving problems for other employees within the organization, streamlining processes for addressing technical requests and issues can help increase efficiency and productivity across the whole company.

Customer Service

Customer service teams can boost the customer experience and improve their own workflows by using an online form builder. For example, online forms can be used for support tickets, sales referrals, feedback surveys, bug fix notifications, and more.

Formstack Customer Service Form Template

According to NewVoiceMedia, an estimated $41 billion is lost by U.S. companies each year due to poor customer service. And a study by Dimension Data found that nearly 80% of contact centers say their current customer service systems won’t meet their future needs. Businesses should be investing in versatile digital tools that allow customer service representatives to do their jobs well.

Learn more about how Formstack can help you manage information and make better decisions at your business with our Workplace Productivity Report.


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