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How Digital Agility Empowers Employees and Boosts Productivity

Lindsay McGuire
August 3, 2020
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Recently, we’ve all had to work harder than ever to adapt to an ever-changing, unstable world.

In a matter of months, many of us have been forced to transform the way we get work done in order to stay afloat. Some organizations have flourished, while others have struggled to keep up. What sets them apart?

There’s not a magical equation businesses can follow to ensure they’re able to weather this storm of rapid change and unrest. But there is one thing that can help ensure stability, and that’s digital agility.

Digital agility describes the ease with which an organization can rapidly enable, update, change, or adapt their processes. It is a specific type of business agility that encompasses the processes, tools, and software an organization uses to perform basic business functions.

How digital agility can help your team work better.

One key to productivity is working cohesively across teams and departments. Digital agility improves cross-departmental collaboration by giving employees powerful tools that are flexible enough to fit everyone’s needs.

Here are just a few ways digital agility can improve your workplace.

Quickly Improve Processes

We’ve all been frustrated by inefficient, slow, or clunky processes. When systems don’t work well, it can be nearly impossible to hit deadlines and stay on schedule. It can be easy to spot these broken processes, but incredibly difficult to fix them because you don’t have the time, knowledge, or resources to do so.

When your tech stack is filled with digitally agile tools, you no longer have to worry about feeling powerless. You’re able to make small updates quickly and easily, without needing a lot of technical knowledge or time. You have the flexibility to adapt workflows without derailing the entire process or causing major delays.

Empower Employees

Studies show that employees want to be more autonomous. Workers need to be able to make decisions, create better processes, and work without lots of oversight. Digital agility empowers employees to do this with tools that are simple to use and easy to understand. This unlocks new levels of creativity, ability, and innovation.

Giving employees the power to create their own solutions to big problems improves employee morale, satisfaction, and productivity. When employees are able to create processes on their own, without needing to hassle coworkers or follow a highly structured review process, they feel empowered, trusted, and respected.

Make Realistic and Timely Changes

Nobody likes to play the waiting game or navigate through lots of red tape. When organizations focus on digital agility, they remove many layers of unnecessary reviews and signoffs. Employees are able to quickly tackle issues by changing workflows or processes in real time.

What makes a tool digitally agile?

Wondering what to look for when investing in a new tool for your tech stack? There are certain features you should look for if you’re wanting to empower employees and boost productivity with digital agility.

Ease of Use

Digital agility focuses on empowering employees with a tool everyone can easily access, understand, and use. Onboarding for a new tool should only take a few days, not weeks. Employees need to be able to get up and running without intensive training, long usage guides, technical experience, or assistance from IT.

To get a better understanding of a tool’s ease of use, consider looking up product reviews on G2. These will give you insight into what real users think about usability, functionality, and ease of use. For instance, 97% of G2 reviewers say Formstack Sign is easy to set up, and 90% say Formstack is easy to use.


A tool that is flexible and versatile will serve your organization well for a long period of time. When you need to make updates to a process or tweaks to a workflow, it should be easy to do so. Look for tools that are low-code or no-code to ensure all departments can make changes and updates quickly and easily.

The best tools provide the flexibility to make changes effortlessly. Be wary of tools that offer complicated features that make it difficult to make changes to workflows or processes. Building, maintaining, and changing workflows should be simple to do across all roles and teams. A versatile tool like Formstack provides flexible features that can be adjusted easily, in real time.


Access to data is another important aspect of digital agility. When you’re able to access accurate data across tools, you’re able to make better decisions and move quicker. Integrations play a key role in this.

To avoid creating data silos, any new tools you add should be easy to integrate with those already in your tech stack. Only invest in software that offers a wide array of pre-built integrations. They take only moments to set up and automatically get your data where you need it.

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Did You Know? Formstack offers lots of helpful integrations that ensure your data is sent, shared, and stored how you need it!

Empower Your Employees with Digital Agility

If it’s time for your organization to become more digitally agile, consider adding Formstack to your tech stack. Formstack’s robust platform provides the no-code tools you need to get work done quickly and efficiently. Empower your team to get creative and innovative with an easy-to-use tool that can power any workflow.

From online forms and workflows to document generation and eSignatures, Formstack gives you the flexibility to quickly launch fully integrated workflows across your organization. Learn more now!


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Lindsay McGuire
Lindsay is the Content Marketing Manager at Formstack, splitting her time between creating blog content, writing reports, and hosting Formstack's Practically Genius podcast. She's a proud graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism (MIZ!) and loves connecting with others on LinkedIn.
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