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Become a More Efficient Health Facility with These 4 Forms

Abby Nieten
November 2, 2016
Min Read

Does the staff at your health facility spend hours a week manually entering healthcare information into an electronic data management system? If you’re still gathering patient data via paper forms, faxes, or scanned documents, your answer is undoubtedly yes. And you’re not alone. Countless hospitals, clinics, and care centers have yet to fully join the digital age when it comes to data management. Many haven’t found the right system, while others fear violating HIPAA compliance regulations. The good news? There is a solution! Using secure online forms can quickly improve your data collection processes and eliminate hours of paperwork management for patients, medical professionals, and internal personnel. With a customizable online form solution, your healthcare team can use HIPAA forms to automate collection and storage of electronic protected health information (ePHI). Even better? Using an online system to collect and manage ePHI reduces data entry errors and cuts down on patient processing delays. Plus it can improve communication throughout your facility and create a more efficient operation all around. To give you a better idea of how this can boost efficiency at your health center, here are 4 online healthcare forms you can use to streamline your healthcare data management and create better care experiences for your patients:

#1: New Patient Registration Form

Using a digital new patient registration form can help you set a standard of efficient and effective care from day one with a patient. Allowing patients to register online eliminates a data entry step and helps you get new patients into your healthcare system faster. This saves the patient time and frees up your staff for more important work. And with a HIPAA compliant storage system, you can be sure your patients’ sensitive information is protected.

Healthcare Forms: Online Patient Registration

#2: Medical History Form

We’ve all had the experience of manually filling out or updating a medical history form, and it’s a pain to say the least. But the information we provide on this form—such as our allergies, current medications, and past health complications—can be vital to our healthcare. Medical facilities that provide an online medical history form can streamline the process of maintaining accurate patient records so they can focus on providing exceptional patient care.

Healthcare Forms: Online Medical History Form

#3: HIPAA Medical Release Form

The healthcare field is loaded with regulations that medical professionals and personnel must understand and follow—especially when it comes to handling patients’ sensitive personal information. Online HIPAA forms not only help create efficient data collection processes, but they ensure patient medical records don’t end up in the wrong hands. A digital HIPAA medical release form is a quick way to let your patients grant expanded access to their records. You can capture a patient’s signature using Formstack Sign or you're preferred eSignature provider right on the form and store their release consent in your digital database for easy reference.

HIPAA Forms: Online HIPAA Medical Release Form

#4: Patient Satisfaction Survey

Online healthcare forms aren’t just for gathering medical histories and contact information. Distributing a patient satisfaction survey via the web is a great way to get feedback from patients so you can continually improve your services and care. Online surveys have several advantages over paper surveys: they take a lot less time to distribute, they are easier for patients to complete and submit, and they are better suited for analysis (with the ability to generate custom reports and charts).

Healthcare Forms: Online Patient Satisfaction Survey

Want to learn more about using online forms to streamline your healthcare data management and transform your health facility? Click here to explore Formstack’s healthcare offerings.


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Abby Nieten
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