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Formstack Documents vs Conga – A Fresh Take on Salesforce Document Generation

October 1, 2018
Min Read

Automating and managing the details of your sales process is very important to the success of your team.  Salesforce.com can be a very valuable tool in helping you organize your sales efforts, collect data on prospects, and streamline the entire process.  One piece where Salesforce struggles is taking that data and making it actionable via document generation. That is, creating contracts, invoices, quotes, proposals and more from data you have saved in your Salesforce Org.

To help you with this document generation, step into the ring Formstack Documents and Conga. (ding, ding, ding!)

Now, if you’ve been using Salesforce in the past, you probably already know about Conga and most likely have used their service.  To be fair, they offer a great service and they’ve been focusing on Salesforce for many years.  But we think it’s time someone gives Conga a run for their money!

There are a few big ways that Formstack Documents is different than Conga.  To start, we offer an easy way to map Salesforce data to your documents without needing to update your templates to match Salesforce codes.  We’ll pull in a list of the merge fields that you have setup in your template and you pick the corresponding Salesforce field.  This makes it easy for non-technical users to manage their WebMerge setup.

We also do pricing a bit differently.  We charge based on the number of documents you need to generate, not the number of users you need.  We also don’t have any minimums, so you can get started for as low as $29/mo versus the minimum $900/yr that Conga charges you to get started!

The biggest difference and advantage that Formstack Documents has over Conga is the fact that we are built to integrate with any cloud service (inside and outside the Salesforce platform).  Our open API exposes document management and document merging via a simple API call or integration with a service like Zapier and itDuzzit.  This extends your document generation beyond Salesforce and integrates with other business processes you have in place across your organization.

Here’s a more detailed look at how Formstack Documents and Conga stack up with each other in the document creation space and we’ll let you be the judge of who’s better.  We like to sway the judges, so click here to try Formstack Documents for free.

Templates / Documents

For the most part, we’re pretty similar here.  Keep reading though, it gets betters.


Here’s where we start to see some big differentiators.  These are features that we have found important to customers and we answer these questions all the time.


Sending documents to the right person or team after they are created is very important to automating your business processes.  Why be limited in what you can do?


Formstack Documents loves customers big and small and you’ll note as your team grows, so does your Conga bill!  Plus, for those with commitment issues, we don’t require you to pay for an entire year, like the other guys.

Level up your Salesforce document generation by starting a free trial of Formstack Documents today.


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