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Everything You Need to Know About SaaS Management for Your Business

Lacey Jackson
May 12, 2021
Min Read

SaaS has become the cornerstone of operating successful businesses. Subscriptions to various tools are needed across all company functions, as they are crucial for boosting operational efficiency, cost-saving opportunities, and scalability. Additionally, subscriptions offer ease of adoption and a simple, predictable payment process. Despite their importance and ease of access, finding and managing the right SaaS tools for your unique business needs remains a challenge.

The Problem with Subscription Sprawl

Businesses lose track of their subscription payments over time: there are duplicate subscriptions, unused ones, free trials that unintentionally become paid subscriptions, employees leaving the company without their subscriptions being canceled, and more. Additionally, vendors sometimes make it easy to subscribe, but hard to cancel.

These pain points tend to be the root causes of subscription sprawl. Although subscriptions make our lives easier, we’re simply too busy to keep track of the ones that no longer work for us. Oftentimes, businesses continue to accumulate subscriptions without a clear understanding of the app’s usefulness, and no log of which ones continue to be paid for. The time and money lost to the ‘sprawl’ can outweigh the cost and process efficiency gained through SaaS subscriptions.

Manage All of Your SaaS Subscriptions in One Place

Businesses need an efficient mechanism to allow employees to subscribe to SaaS products they need, without creating bureaucracy and bottle-necks. Platform solutions can offer these benefits. A powerful example of this is Formstack’s workplace productivity platform, which offers a suite of tools that can be accessed and controlled in one place. Having one hub for productivity tools makes these subscriptions easier to manage, and gives teams a single reference point for all relevant tools. SaaS marketplaces aim to deliver this experience at a larger scale, offering a variety of products that can be accessed within one ecosystem. The marketplace model brings a wide range of offerings into our immediate field of view and often provides a degree of comparative analysis that catalyzes our decision-making process.

Pro-Tip: You can help your team avoid the pitfalls of subscription sprawl by investing in single-source tools instead of a point solution. Learn the difference in this blog post. 

While the marketplace model is effective, it doesn’t entirely solve the problem of subscription sprawl. The key is to have a company-wide system that provides the right balance between centralized control and speed of execution by individual employees.

NachoNacho: A B2B SaaS Marketplace

NachoNacho allows businesses to manage and control all of their subscriptions, saving time and money. NachoNacho works by creating separate virtual credit cards for each subscription vendor, and sets spending limits and date restrictions for each card. Cards can be suspended or canceled at any time. A company-wide dashboard shows all subscriptions in one place. Account setup takes less than 5 minutes.

Additionally, NachoNacho's B2B SaaS marketplace helps businesses save on new SaaS products. The marketplace lists products across all business functions and offers discounts on each listing. Once you find the right product for your business, you can subscribe to it in your NachoNacho account where the rest of your subscriptions are already managed. NachoNacho automatically creates a dedicated virtual credit card for your new subscription. With separate cards issued to each subscription vendor, all your subscriptions can be consolidated and controlled with a single company-wide dashboard.  

Add Formstack to Your Dashboard

You can use NachoNacho to quickly find and add powerful tools to your tech stack while saving on your subscription spend. Examples of such tools include the Formstack platform. Formstack’s workplace productivity tools help businesses accelerate and automate digital work, and NachoNacho allows businesses to seamlessly add tools like Formstack to their tech stack. With a dedicated NachoCard for every team member and subscription vendor, you can track every dollar spent on your SaaS. Subscribe to Formstack tools in NachoNacho and automate your workflow while saving time and money by managing all your subscriptions in one account! Get set up within minutes.

Learn More: So, how can you seamlessly add Formstack to the existing subscriptions in NachoNacho? Find out more.  

Optimize Your Workflows

The easiest way to get control over your SaaS subscriptions is to consolidate all of them in NachoNacho.  Create a separate credit card for each vendor, and change the payment method on the vendor's website to that card. Now, you can have full visibility and control over all your subscriptions. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you’ll see discounts on new products you purchase from the marketplace. Visit nachonacho.com to learn more. 

This blog post was written by Formstack partner NachoNacho. The Formstack Partner Program amplifies the impact of our products and culture by working with partners to co-create products, solutions, and customer outcomes that exceed what we could do on our own. Learn how you can join today.


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Lacey Jackson
Lacey is a Product Marketing Manager at Formstack who is dedicated to creating content that showcases the power of the Formstack Platform. When she’s not creating Formstack Builders tutorials, she can be found reading, playing board games, or strolling with her dog. Lacey is a graduate of Franklin College.
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