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Complement your Weebly website with sophisticated online forms designed to empower your business.
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Go beyond the basic Weebly contact forms

No matter what department or industry you work in, our form solution can help you and your team collect and use information to make better business decisions and accomplish your goals. As a Weebly form builder, Formstack can help you manage core website functions like newsletter and blog signups, ecommerce and online ordering, event planning and registrations, online donations, and lead generation.

Mobile-friendly forms

Ensure everyone can view and fill out your Weebly forms on any device. All Formstack forms are mobile-ready. No need to add additional plugins, alter your form, or delete content from your website to ensure your forms remain mobile-friendly.

Easy embed functionality

The only place you can embed Weebly forms is on your Weebly website. Use Formstack's flexible embedding options to place your forms on other websites, blogs, and social media channels to increase visibility, submissions, and sales.

Popular app integrations

Weebly only has three form integrations. Use Formstack's 40+ integrations, 70+ Zapier connections, and open API and Webhooks to update email lists with new subscribers, collect payments for your e-commerce website, manage spreadsheets, and more.

In-depth form analytics

Weebly has no form analytics tools. Use Formstack analytics features like Partial Submissions, Field Bottlenecks, and Google Analytics to pull helpful insights from your form data. Get more submissions, improve products and events, and more.

Formstack for Salesforce

Advanced forms for your Weebly website

The time and money you've put into your Weebly website can go to waste if you don't have a good online form to go with it. How else will you sell your products, gather donations, or collect more leads? With advanced form features and integrations, Formstack is the perfect complement to your Weebly website and has the power you need to collect information and grow your business online.

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