Why Formstack is a smart Formsite alternative

Create secure, optimized online forms that perform better, streamline workflows, and much more.
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Versatile options for smarter data collection

Build better forms

Formstack provides a clean, updated UI that is ad-free on every plan so you can build your forms with zero hassle. Easily create professional, branded forms with easy-to-use design tools and hundreds of premade templates. No coding or CSS needed!

Automate workflows

Put key processes on autopilot so you can save time and move on to other tasks. The Workflows tool lets you create smooth digital processes that move through multiple individuals and departments. Simplify requests, PTO reviews, applications, and more with this Formsite alternative.

Get better form data

Pair your forms with the Conversion Kit to optimize your results and unlock insights that help you make smarter business decisions. You'll get access to tools that let you collect partial submissions, reveal bottlenecks, and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.

Protect your information

Data lies at the heart of what we do, and we take the security of your information very seriously. To protect the data you collect, Formstack offers multiple security methods and compliance measures, including SSL, encryption, password protection, and HIPAA.

Formstack for Salesforce

Collect data for Salesforce

Go beyond Formsite's simple Salesforce integration. Formstack offers a 100% native app in the Salesforce AppExchange that lets you create forms and surveys directly on the Force.com platform. No connectors or integrations needed! Easily connect your data to any standard or custom object, including leads, accounts, contacts, and cases.

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See how Formstack & Formsite Forms stack up

As a Formsite alternative, Formstack makes it easy to manage the information you collect and use it to improve processes at your organization. Take a look at the chart below to see how Formstack compares to Formsite forms.

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