Testimonial Form Template

Allow buyers to provide testimonials for your products or services, and use the data you collect to woo new customers.

Simplify your workflows

Let your most loyal customers do the talking for you. Unlike a survey, those who fill out the testimonial template can give their honest, word-for-word feedback without filling out an old-fashioned comment card to be manually entered later. Just send out the form, collect feedback, and take action!

Collect social proof

Social proof is now expected by buyers to help them make better decisions about your products and services. By allowing them to fill out a testimonial form, you can gather feedback and transfer it to your website or marketing materials for stronger prospecting. Give customers a seamless experience by using your own branding and a customized follow-up message.

Build a positive mobile experience

Improve your data collection by serving up one question at a time so customers are focused on the question at hand. With 81% smartphone saturation in the U.S., your customers are most likely filling out your form via mobile. Make it a mobile-optimized experience that focuses their attention for even better feedback.

Give customers time to respond

Sometimes, people need time to process what they’re going to say to make it “just right.” Give customers the option to save and resume so they’re not rushed filling out your testimonial form and can appropriately respond. You can hold them accountable by providing a direct link back to the form with 30 days to complete it.

Put your data into action

Share the information you’ve gathered internally with leaders so improvements can be made, or post it on your website for prospective customers to see. Easily import or export form data directly to your browser in CSV, Excel, Word, or PDF format. Don’t have time for manual exporting? Schedule exports automatically every week, month, or quarter so you can get the data you need without the wait.

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