Return to Work Form Template

Make it easy for staff to collect and send doctors’ signatures so they can get back to work.

Simplify your workflows

Ease the transition back to work for employees who have had to take an extended medical leave. This ready-to-go form template makes it easy. Your staff can quickly collect critical doctors’ signatures and have them sent in a digital format that’s legally valid and safely stored. You’ll have all the information you need on file, including when an employee can return and what limitations need to be followed.

Capture critical information

Easily collect important details, such as when your employee can return to work and which limitations should be factored in, by using this return to work form right out of the box. For any additional details you may need, there’s the drag-and-drop builder. Add any number of form field types and questions to customize your online form until it matches your unique company policies and practices.

Share details easily

Make it extra easy for your employee’s medical office to provide the information you need with this mobile-friendly return to work form template. Physicians can effortlessly enter details from any smartphone or tablet—even in times when they may be offline or unable to connect to the internet. It’s just as easy to fill out on tablets and personal smartphones as it is on laptops and PCs.

Collect doctors' signatures

There’s no need to scan, save, or store signatures—or require staff to sit in waiting rooms just to get them in person. Have your employee’s physician use a touchscreen or mousepad to sign the form electronically. Each digital signature will be stored as an image file within your Formstack account, right alongside other data related to the request to return to work.

Route to the right personnel

Ensure new return to work requests are processed swiftly and efficiently with Workflows. You can have new return to work form submissions sent automatically to HR the instant they’re submitted for fast approvals in a couple of clicks. Or use Data Routing to get new information in the hands of your employee’s manager so teams will know when staff will be back on the job.

Formstack saves us tons of time on data entry and analysis and makes it simple for us to see, use, and share data across departments.
Lindsay Anderson
Project Manager at National Geographic Society

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