File Download Form Template

Easily capture new leads with this highly effective file download form for marketing, sales, and more.

Simplify your workflows

Make sure your website visitors receive the right information, right away, with each and every file download. This free file download form works equally well for all kinds of content types, from ebooks and white papers to online brochures and helpful guides. You’ll capture new leads, collect vital information, and trigger file downloads—all at the same time, in one easy-to-use online form.

Respond right away

With this file download template, it's easy to stay ahead of requests from prospects. Use an automated confirmation message to have details pulled directly from each form submission before sending your file in a personalized email. Then integrate with your marketing automation platform to continue nurturing those leads.

Keep it consistent

When you use Formstack to create your file download form, it’s remarkably easy to match your organization’s branding. Use the Theme Editor to change fonts, adjust colors, add images, and match the format to your website or landing page design—all without having to touch a single line of code.

Make it mobile

The easier your file form is to fill out, the more downloads you’ll get—and the more lead generation data you’ll collect. Formstack’s mobile-friendly template is designed to work just as well with small screens and swipes as it does on laptops and keyboards.

Advance your strategy

Use advanced features to analyze traffic, increase conversions, discover bottlenecks, and improve your overall lead generation efforts. As you fine-tune your form to collect as many new leads as possible, all data can be automatically synced to your CRM.

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