Employee Pay Increase Form Template

Create a faster process for approving pay increases and annual salary adjustments with this customizable employee raise form.

Simplify your workflows

Annual reviews and pay increases can be a cumbersome process if you're still using paper forms. Who wants to spend their time printing, signing, shuffling, copying, faxing, and storing paperwork? It can be equally inefficient if you're using an online solution that doesn't route data appropriately. Improve your process and save time, money, and stress with this employee pay increase form. Easily manage all the steps for pay increases, from the initial recording of the increase to manager and director sign-off.

Customize to your needs

No matter what process you follow for pay increases, you can adapt this employee raise form to your business's needs with Formstack's intuitive drag-and-drop form builder. There's no coding knowledge required, giving your team full control. Easily launch the form within minutes and collect data on any device.

Communicate clearly across teams

Keep team members in the loop with notification emails. It's easy to set these emails up so they are sent as soon as an employee hits submit on your employee pay increase form. Customize these messages for each audience, and trigger new emails for each step of the process. If the application must go through multiple reviews, you can automate emails for each set of approvals to keep everyone on the same page.

Route data to who needs it

With Data Routing, you can ensure form submissions go to the right employee every time the submit button is clicked. If you need to send data to different managers or team members within HR, you can dictate where the data sends according to what's submitted on the form. This makes it incredibly easy to alert the right people at the right time and helps avoid miscommunication.

Speed up your approval process

Say goodbye to signing paper forms and sending countless reminders to that one employee who's holding up the review process. Approvals can streamline your pay increase process and make getting all the necessary approvals quick and easy. Create a custom step-by-step workflow so necessary employees can approve or deny submissions.

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