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Templates Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Evaluate what makes employees happy and identify areas of improvement with this customizable employee satisfaction questionnaire.

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Giving your employees the opportunity to voice their opinions is key to creating a workplace where they feel happy and engaged. Use this mobile-friendly employee satisfaction survey template to learn how they feel about your company and whether they'd recommend you as an employer. These insights will help you make informed workplace improvements and boost engagement.

Create a branded experience.

Create a branded experience.

If you want to get thoughtful responses from your employees, you have to consider the survey experience. You aren’t likely to get good results if your employee satisfaction survey is clunky, messy, or hard to follow. Use the Theme Editor to add familiar branding (such as your company’s logo and colors) and customize buttons, fonts, and spacing.

Enhance your HR workflows.

Enhance your HR workflows.

Free your employees from manual work with an employee satisfaction questionnaire that can be shared and analyzed completely online. No faxing, scanning, printing, or shredding needed! Set up a digital workflow for your survey and assign team members to complete different steps to keep everyone on track and put your data into action sooner.

Collect actionable data.

Collect actionable data.

The data you get from your employee satisfaction questionnaire is only as good as the questions you ask. Use the Rating and Long Answer fields on this template to collect accurate feedback on different aspects of your organization. If you feel like your survey is getting too long, split it up into multiple pages and give employees the option to save and resume later.

Turn insight into action.

Turn insight into action.

Get a snapshot of engagement at your organization by adding calculations to your employee satisfaction survey questions. This will help you automatically calculate an engagement score for each completed survey. Add these scores together and divide the sum by the total number of surveys completed to get an average engagement score for all employees.

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Create seamless employee experiences.

To provide high-quality experiences for new employees (and the HR team), CBS Construction used Formstack to cut down on confusion in their old onboarding process and save oodles of time.

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