Templates Employee 90-Day Review Form Template

Employee 90-Day Review Form Template

Provide managers a review process that quickly assesses and gauges the performance of new hires.

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Adding a new member to your team is exciting, but also a little stressful. You want to make sure you fill your opening with the right candidate—one who is respectful, delivers on deadlines, and conducts themselves in a professional manner. To ensure success for your new employee and your department overall, use this employee 90-day review template to submit employee assessments after their first 90 days. Equipped with Formstack's powerful tools, this 90-day evaluation form will help you streamline and simplify the evaluation process for managers and your HR team.

Track data better to your 90-day review template.

Track data better.

It's easy to make smart business decisions when you have the right data. Using Formstack grants you quick, easy access to your data and powerful analytics tools to help you analyze results and create reports. It only takes a few minutes to create powerful visuals that will wow your management or leadership team. Formstack makes organizing your forms a breeze with folders. You can also share forms, themes, and data with team members with Formstack's multi-user functionality.

Automate communication across teams.

Automate communication across teams.

Do multiple team members have a role in the employee 90-day review process? Keep them all in the loop by utilizing Formstack's easy-to-use notification email feature. Quickly set up email notifications to be sent out the minute an employee hits submit. Customize these messages to each audience, and trigger new email communications for each step of the process. If applications go through multiple reviews, you can automate emails for each approval or workflow step and keep everyone on the same page.

Speed up approvals.

Speed up approvals.

Do you hate wasting time chasing paper—and people—for the approvals you need? Automate your employee 90-day evaluation form approval process to save time, improve communication, and minimize headaches. Use Approvals to automatically send form submissions to employees for review. Set up multi-step approvals when submissions need to be approved by several staff members before reaching HR. Once a form is submitted, approvers will be notified via email so they can review the submission, approve or deny, and add notes for their team. They can even approve or deny a submission right from their email without having to log into Formstack.

Easily provide feedback on your employee 90-day evaluation form.

Easily provide feedback.

Take your 90-day employee review samples to the next level with the Workflows add-on. Create custom, automated workflows for your forms that let multiple people in your organization review, edit, and complete a single form. If multiple employees need to provide feedback on a new employee's performance, you can create a single form with selected reviewers, a defined workflow, and automated communication. If you need to keep 90-day employee performance evaluation data submissions private, simply exclude previous submissions from each workflow.

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