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Bring in high-quality talent while doing less busywork.

Impress candidates

For companies, making the right impression is more important than ever. Candidates will look elsewhere if your process is slow and outdated. With Formstack, you can create seamless hiring workflows that reduce manual work while enhancing the candidate experience.

Easy recruitment process automation

These easy-to-use automation tools will help you save time, improve your hiring process, and better meet the needs of candidates.
Paperless data capture
Paperless data capture

Collect information from candidates with beautifully branded online forms that can be built in minutes and completed on any device.

Easy document creation
Easy document creation

Use the data you collect to generate hiring paperwork that’s customized and delivered to candidates or safely stored in your system.

Fast eSignature collection
Fast eSignature collection

Let candidates sign recruitment documents from the convenience of their mobile phone, tablet, or computer. No printing, faxing, or scanning needed.

Paperless data capture
Seamless data sharing

Use intuitive routing and logic tools to safely share sensitive candidate information across managers, teams, and departments.

Smooth approvals
Smooth approvals

Streamline the recruitment process with workflow forms and approval features that make it easy to collect, review, and collaborate on information with your team.

Powerful security
Powerful security

Keep your hiring data secure with robust security tools, including SSL, data encryption, reCAPTCHA, and several types of compliance.

Streamline the recruitment process workflow

Formstack’s recruitment process automation tools make building hiring workflows fast, simple, and easy. No coding or technical skills needed.

An applicant completes a job application on your company website that includes questions for basic identifying information, salary requirements, and necessary file uploads.


The recruiter at the company receives an email notification letting them know that it’s time to review a new applicant. After an initial review, they approve the application.


The form is sent to the hiring manager, who checks the recruiter’s notes and reviews the applicant’s information. They provide a rating, include some notes, and hit submit.


The form travels back to the recruiter so they can complete the final workflow step. They review the rating and notes from the hiring manager and decide to move the candidate forward.


After a successful interview, data from the initial application is instantly sent to Formstack Documents so an offer letter can be generated for the candidate automatically.


The document is sent for signature via Formstack Sign, allowing the candidate to review and sign the offer letter on their mobile device. Set up the employee onboarding process from there.

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