Features Formstack HIPAA Compliance

Formstack HIPAA Compliance

Eliminate paperwork and reduce security risks with Formstack's HIPAA compliant forms.

Versatile tools for HIPAA compliant data collection.

Easy-to-use online forms.

Quickly create and embed mobile-friendly forms on your website, including record release forms, patient registrations, employee benefits forms, and satisfaction surveys.

Secure file storage and exporting.

Safely store uploaded documents and files in Formstack's secure database, export submissions (CSV, Word, Excel, and PDF), or send data to a third party with our open API.

Powerful data collection features.

Gather electronic signatures, improve your lead generation with advanced marketing features, set up approval processes and workflows, gather data-rich insights, and more.

Advanced security measures.

Safeguard your account with powerful security features, including advanced data encryption, user-level permissions, audit logging, and dedicated security maintenance.

Easy setup and implementation.


Business Associate Agreement

HIPAA compliance regulations require all covered entities to have a written contract in place for each of their business associates. Formstack provides a Standard BAA for all accounts, and we will evaluate custom BAA requests on a case-by-case basis.


Your Custom-Made HIPAA Account

We will create a special account for you (or convert an existing account) that meets HIPAA compliance standards. This account comes with special features and security regulations to help you collect, store, and distribute information in a HIPAA compliant manner.


Dedicated Support & Onboarding

Hit the ground running with a thorough walkthrough of your account and its features. We'll help you set up your forms and create customized workflows to get you started. If you need additional help, priority support is available through phone or email.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I embed my HIPAA forms?

Formstack offers multiple embed options. Embed forms on your website or social media platform, share a link via email, use Lightboxes and iFrames, add forms to your content management system, or tweak your form’s HTML coding.

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Can I use Conversion Kit features with the Formstack HIPAA plan?

Yes! You can use all features included in the Conversion Kit except for Partial Submissions. Usable features include UTM Tracking, Google Analytics, Form A/B Testing, Field Bottlenecks, and Social Autofill.

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Can I get API access to connect to my EMR or other third party system?

Yes, Formstack has an open API that lets you connect your forms to third party systems. Developer Central, our resource hub, is chock full of information on how to set up integrations and webhooks through Formstack.

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Can I see a copy of your HIPAA Audit?

Yes, you can view Formstack's HIPAA Audit by filling out this request form.

Ready to become HIPAA compliant with Formstack?

Connect with us to learn how we can help you create a custom HIPAA compliant solution for your organization.