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What Every Salesforce Admin and SI Should Know about Formstack's Community Forms

April 26, 2018
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If you’re a Salesforce system integrator, Formstack’s Community Forms should be on your radar. A key feature of our native Salesforce app, Community Forms is a form-building tool that lets you quickly build and publish online forms directly in Salesforce Community Cloud. These branded, dynamic forms easily capture data entered by users in Salesforce communities and greatly enhance the user experience.If you currently have or plan to deploy a Salesforce Lightning community, the Formstack app’s Community Forms can simplify your job. Here’s how:

Community Forms Are Easy to Build and Brand

A chief concern among Salesforce admins and SIs is the cost of custom development to build well-designed form pages in their Salesforce communities. Formstack’s Community Forms feature eliminates this concern by making it super easy and intuitive to build branded forms for use in Salesforce Community Cloud. Community forms are built using a simple drag-and-drop feature, so there is no need for custom coding with Visualforce and Apex. Additionally, you can brand the forms using a simple built-in style editor, so you don’t need any complex knowledge of HTML to match your form to your community’s style.

Community Forms are Native to Salesforce

The Formstack app is native in Salesforce, so you don’t have to set up a complex connector to deploy Community Forms. In the Lightning Community Builder, a Formstack Lightning component is available to place on any page. The component includes a drop-down listing of all Community forms that have been built. There is no need to remember any form IDs or cryptic codes. Just point, click, and publish to make your form live to community users. The information you collect via Community Forms is fed back into your Salesforce records without any field mapping or links. With Community Forms, you can connect data to any standard or custom Salesforce object—including leads, accounts, and cases—and tie submissions to logged-in users without having to upsert. Additionally, with our Advanced Prefill feature, a community form can be prefilled (partially or completely) with the submitted data automatically the next time it is loaded.

Community Forms Support Data Security

When working with Formstack’s Community Forms feature, all aspects of the Salesforce data security model are respected. Additionally, when building a community form, you’re able to select who will be the record owner—either yourself (i.e., the Salesforce admin creating the form) or the logged-in community member.  This provides fine-grained control over how data gets into Salesforce. This also applies to lookups and pre-filled data that leaves the Salesforce org. Users can only access data that is explicitly made available to them.Community Forms also provides the ability for Salesforce admins to do a quick audit of their form access configuration. Your Formstack dashboard clearly indicates which forms are community forms and identifies if they are configured for logged-in user access or admin user access. This helps ensure no forms inadvertently use admin access instead of the more locked-down logged-in user access to prevent unintentional exposure of private data.

Community Forms Have Many Use Cases

Whether you’re collecting data in government, healthcare, higher ed, marketing, or some other area, Community Forms can meet your needs. If you’re using or looking to use Salesforce Community Cloud, Community Forms can help you engage your community members and drive efficiencies within your organization.Here are some specific use case examples:

  • Creating or updating admissions applications through a student community
  • Registering for events through an alumni community
  • Updating personal information through an employee community
  • Submitting a warranty claim through a retail customer community
  • Completing a patient registration form through a patient community

If you want to learn more about how to use community forms for your Salesforce team, check out the webinar below.


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