Meet the #1 native form builder for Salesforce.

Seamlessly build Salesforce forms and surveys in minutes. No connectors or integrations necessary.


Access powerful form tools for Salesforce data collection.

100% Salesforce Native

100% Native

Our Salesforce form builder is 100% native, meaning no additional setup, connectors, or integrations are needed.

Web to Anything


Connect data to any standard or custom Salesforce object, including leads, accounts, contacts, and cases.

Dynamic Prefills

Dynamic Prefill

Improve the user experience by dynamically prefilling forms with information from your Salesforce cases.

Advanced Security

Advanced Security

Protect your data with powerful security features, including encryption, CAPTCHA, and HIPAA compliance.

Payment Processing

Payment Processing

Integrate your Salesforce forms with PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, and iATS to seamlessly process donations and payments.

Community Forms

Community Forms

Collect data from customers, partners and employees by deploying forms inside your Salesforce Community Cloud.

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Looking for HIPAA compliance? Introducing NativeCloud.

Collect data with the flexibilty of Formstack and the security, privacy and reliability offered by the platform.

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Hear why we maintain the highest rating in the AppExchange among our competitors.

  • "I was skeptical since I have been deploying Salesforce Web-to-Lead and Web-to-Case forms for some time, but Formstack is a great way to go. This tool has allowed us to much more quickly deploy forms. This is a must-have for any business that uses Salesforce and has web-based forms."

    Michael Barnes
    GolfNow, an NBC company

  • "As a small nonprofit, updating our recruitment and subscription forms was always a hassle. We had to revise the code, send it to our webmaster, and then verify the changes. There was lots of back and forth. The ability to make immediate changes via Formstack and see them in real-time has been a godsend!"

    David Limiero

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Plans and Pricing

Formstack's Salesforce form builder is packed with tools to help you streamline your data collection. Browse our plans below to find what's right for you.

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$79 per app license, per month, when paid annually Formstack for Salesforce licensees must also have a Salesforce license.
  • Unlimited Submissions
  • Unlimited Forms
  • Single & Multi-Object
  • Custom CSS Styling
  • PDF Form Submissions
  • File Upload w/ Chatter Support
  • Record Updates w/ Upsert Fields
  • Multi-Page Forms

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$169 per app license, per month, when paid annually Formstack for Salesforce licensees must also have a Salesforce license.

Professional Features plus:

Enterprise Plus

$229 per app license, per month, when paid annually Formstack for Salesforce licensees must also have a Salesforce license.

Enterprise Features plus:

Contact Us We'll work with you to find the best solution.
  • Fully Native Form & Survey Solution
  • HIPAA and PIPEDA Compliant
  • Collect PII and PHI Data
  • Salesforce's World-Renowned 99.9% Uptime
  • Community Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

What constitutes a licensed Formstack user for Salesforce?

A user is anyone who needs to create or modify Salesforce forms for your organization. If you have one person on the team responsible for creating or modifying your forms, you’ll only need one subscription.

I already have a Formstack account. Can I get access to the Salesforce app?

The Formstack Salesforce app is a separate tool that allows you to build forms natively in Salesforce. Anyone with a Salesforce user account can use this app, but it is currently activated and billed separately from a traditional Formstack account. We’re working toward a more cohesive experience, but for now, If you’re a current Formstack customer please submit a request here for assistance trialing or to learn more.

What security features and benefits does NativeCloud offer?

NativeCloud is HIPAA & PIPEDA compliant and enables your team to collect PII and PHI data securely. Because NativeCloud is built solely on the platform your data will never touch 3rd party servers. Check out for more information on's compliance standards.

In addition to added security with NativeCloud you can:

  • Leverage Salesforce's world-renowned 99.9% uptime
  • Integrate seamlessly with Sales Cloud, Government Cloud and Community Cloud (beta)

Do we need to sign a BAA with Formstack to purchase NativeCloud?

Since NativeCloud is built 100% on, you will need to sign a BAA with

How is the Salesforce App different than the Salesforce integration Formstack offers?

The integration on Formstack's Platinum plan allows you to build Salesforce forms in Formstack and integrate them with your Salesforce Enterprise and above instances only. The Formstack Salesforce app allows users on any edition to build forms while logged into Salesforce. This lets you seamlessly connect to multiple Salesforce objects at one time. You can also use information already stored in Salesforce to prefill forms and keep data clean. If your form data will be 100% tied to Salesforce, the app is a quicker, easier way to get your data into Salesforce.

Do you offer a discount for nonprofit organizations?

Formstack loves nonprofits and we provide discounts to approved non-educational, non-governmental organizations. In the US, this includes organizations that are tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Outside the United States, we’ll need to obtain the proper documentation that officiates your non-profit status.

Nonprofit discount pricing:

Plan Monthly per user, per month, when paid monthly Annually per user, per month, when paid annually
Professional $71 $59
Enterprise $152 $127
Enterprise Plus $206 $172
NativeCloud Contact Us Contact Us

Complete this form to request your organizations discount and we'll send you an invitation to signup with special pricing once approved (usually within 24 hours).

I am already on a paid Formstack Salesforce App plan. How do I upgrade my current license?

Please submit the following form and a member of the billing team will be in touch with you shortly to process the details of your request: If you choose to upgrade, we will only charge you the difference between your current plan and the upgraded plan, which will be prorated for the rest of your subscription period.

Can I have different users on different tiers?

Unfortunately, we can only offer subscriptions of the same tier within individual organizations.

How do I add more licensed users to my organization?

Simply complete and submit this form and we'll ensure your newly purchased license(s) are associated with your organization.

Is there a refund for an annual subscription if I cancel halfway through the year?

Our policy for annual subscriptions is that they are non-refundable. Our 14-day free trial enables you to test this product and ensure it meets your needs before entering into an agreement. If you are experiencing issues, please visit our Help Site.

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