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Meet the Account Management Team

Annie Sullivan
March 3, 2022
Min Read

Did you know Formstack has an entire team dedicated to helping you manage your account and find the workflow solutions that best fit your needs? Starting as soon as you begin using Formstack, you’ll have an Account Manager with you every step of the way to ensure you have access to the tools that will help you–and your business–succeed. 

What does Formstack’s Account Management Team do?

Working in conjunction with you, the Account Management team analyzes what workflow solutions will best serve your business. They help you implement Formstack and deploy workflows across your team or company, depending on your requirements and needs. 

Your dedicated Account Manager can assist you with potential expansion, whether that’s an additional product investment or a new department engaging our services. They can talk you through all the different scenarios of product uses, combinations, and integrations to enable you to improve efficiency and productivity. 

You’re paired with an Account Manager who has experience within your industry so they can offer you expert advice on your tech stack. Their sole focus is geared toward understanding your needs and helping you reimagine the way you work. 

What sets Formstack's Account Management team apart?

Commitment to culture is a core value at Formstack, and our Account Management team takes that to heart. They are a true team in every sense of the word, one where everyone learns from and supports one another. They put a focus on making each other better everyday by sharing tips, industry insights, and camaraderie. And they have fun while doing it by sharing memes, giving each other funny Slack names, bringing their dogs to the office, or just by sharing a joke. 

They create a community full of energy and knowledge to ensure you get the best possible experience not only from Formstack products, but from the Formstack team too. 

But what sets Formstack's Account Management team apart is the people. 

Our People 

Not just anyone can be an Account Manager. It takes someone with a keen eye for business details and insights. They have to be able to learn your business and anticipate your needs. It is their job to know how our products and services can serve you better.

For example, an Account Manager may work with a customer who has Forms and Docs, but not Sign. Because of their product knowledge and workflow expertise, they can help this customer save 13 hours a week by identifying areas where eSignatures could be added into their workflows. 

Account Manager Ryan Balfour says it best, “As an Account Manager I work with current clients to ensure they are getting the best of Formstack and helping in any way I can. I also ensure they’re utilizing Formstack’s entire platform to achieve their business goals.” The entire team is committed to helping you achieve your goals by offering their expert knowledge, first-hand experience, and business insights. 

Did you know? For those more complicated projects that need dedicated time and personnel, use our Professional Services team! They provide experts who can get your next Formstack project off the ground. 

Who are our Account Management team members? 

Just like our partners and customers, our team members are located around the world. Below, we put faces to the names of some of the team members you might find yourself interacting with. 

Christina Juarez

Ryan Balfour

Adam Goldberg

Karl Flowers

Find Your Account Manager

If you don’t know who your Account Manager is or how to reach them, simply contact our support team. They can assist you with finding and getting in contact with your Account Manager. 

If you’re thinking of adding to your tech stack, discover all the different Formstack workflow solutions and talk to your account manager today. 


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Annie Sullivan
Annie Sullivan is the Growth Marketing Copywriter at Formstack. She lives in Indianapolis and loves writing, reading, and traveling.
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