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Meet Formstack’s Professional Services Team

Lindsay McGuire
June 9, 2022
Min Read

Did you know that Formstack has an entire team of product experts dedicated to assisting customers build their dream projects? That’s right! We have a team ready and waiting to help our customers implement their most brilliant ideas using Formstack’s suite of products

Our Professional Services team’s sole purpose is to be the extra hands you need to get your practically genius workplace solutions up and running quickly. Let’s take some time to really get to know this team, from what they do to who they are. 

What does Formstack’s Professional Services Team do? 

The Professional Services team is a group of seven professionals solely dedicated to helping Formstack customers launch impactful projects. From building out hundreds of logic-driven forms to creating multi-step workflows, this team works hard to ensure customers get their most important projects spun up quickly. 

But who better to tell you about what a team does than the actual team themselves? Here’s how Pro Services Consultant Andrew Kepson describes the work his team does: 

“Formstack is a no-code solution for building forms, and underneath the hood is powerful software for automating complex tasks, such as workflows and document generation. The Pro Services team is able to not only build out professional Forms, Documents, and more, but also to extend their functionality by building out logic to handle complicated scenarios. We also offer professional styling, making the Forms and Documents match a business' branding, or designing something custom from scratch.” 

Consider the team as the boots on the ground help you might need when trying to get a project off the ground quickly. “Professional Services is an excellent resource to help clients with planning and implementing their projects properly,” says Kyle Meyer, Pro Services Consultant. “We fill knowledge gaps and help customers make sure their important projects are in good hands and delivered on time so they can get the most from their tools.” They are especially helpful when you’re short staffed, up against a tight deadline, or launching a large-scale project. 

If the Pro Services team had to identify a sole mission, Andrew says it best: “We provide support by quickly delivering what customers need so they can focus on their core mission.” 

How can the Professional Services team help you? Here’s just a few services they provide: 

  • Form and document creation
  • Advanced JavaScript and CSS work
  • Complex workflow and logic setup
  • Consulting and product training 
  • API and integration setup 

But that’s just a small sampling of what the Professional Services team can offer Formstack customers. Douglas Burns, Pro Services Consultant, explains it best by saying, “ultimately, Professional Services provides value by helping customers maximize the usefulness of our products.” 

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What sets Formstack’s Professional Services Team Apart?

Not all tech companies are lucky enough to have an entire team dedicated to helping customers complete their ideal projects. The Professional Services team members have many years of experience and advanced skillsets that make them the perfect fit for their Formstack consultant roles. But it’s also their dedication and commitment to our customers that sets them apart as well. 

Skillset and Experience 

Kyle puts it well by saying, “while being a team of experts that is made available to help customers on their journey is a rarity on its own, our team is comprised of experts that have worked with all of our products across every industry and thousands of use cases.” 

Each member of the Professional Services team brings years of technical expertise to their role. They’re not only experts in Formstack’s products, but other systems, techniques, and tools as well. “Our expertise is in not only all of our products, but also in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Salesforce and more!” shares Pro Services Consultant Nabeal Abouhalkah.

Thanks to these diverse skillsets and product knowledge, the team is able to work together to produce excellent work in rapid time. “We work collaboratively and combine our skills to build out Forms, Documents, eSignature processes, and workflows. We are able to work faster than a typical user and provide more comprehensive solutions because of our familiarity with the software,” says Andrew. 

All team members bring a wide array of technical skills and software expertise to the table, but they also never stop expanding their knowledge. As Pro Services Consultant Tiffany Ellwanger says, “Our team is truly like a small family. We support one another and are fully committed to growing together. We strive to constantly expand our knowledge of integrations and new products to stay ahead of the curve. The customer’s success is always our number one priority.”

A Passion for Helping 

One thing that is clear when chatting with any Professional Services team member is the passion they have for helping customers. “One of the most rewarding things about being on the Professional Services team is feeling like we make a difference in people’s lives,” explains Tiffany. 

She goes on to say, “by helping businesses be more productive and creating something that gives their employees or customers value, our clients are able to save money and resources. We take pride in finding solutions to the customers’ problems they didn’t even know were possible with our products.”

In all our interviews with the Professional Services team, each individual shared a love of helping customers. It’s clear that this team finds joy in assisting customers and finding creative solutions to their most challenging workplaces woes. “Our provided services lets the customer know we are dedicated to make them successful in our product post sale,” shares Nabeal. 

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Successful Projects 

Another thing that sets this team apart is the amount of diversity in the customers they serve and projects they complete. No two days are the same in this department. “The customers themselves range across a wide variety of industries (for example: energy, education, medical, non-profit) and organizational roles (interns through CTOs). That said, most customers we work with tend to be the change agents in their organization and are looking for ways to improve how work is done.” 

The projects this team works on are complex and fascinating. If you can dream it, this team can probably create it! Here’s a look into a few of the team’s favorite projects: 

Tiffany helped a nursing home group with 21 different locations make their admissions 100% online. She created one form that handles many different scenarios for different types of admissions. Upon submission, it generates documents of up to 140 pages depending on those scenarios and then is sent out for signature. 

Douglas built a real estate form that assigns a market based on an address entered. The data submitted is also validated against the Google API to reduce typos, errors, or inconsistencies. 

Who are our Pro Services team members? 

Just like our partners and customers, our team members are located around the country. Below, we put faces to the names quoted above. 

Kyle decided to join the Professional Services team after enjoying many years of providing customer support in a variety of settings. He currently enjoys Formstack’s remotie culture while living in Eugene, Oregon with his fiancee, as well as their three cats and one dog. He loves to travel and be in the great outdoors.

Andrew lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his wife and their two dogs, Lynus and Lu. In his spare time, he loves to trail run, play guitar, and read in his kayak on mountain lakes. He has a background in digital marketing involving analytics and data reporting, which led to his interest in automating workplace solutions with modern software.

Tiffany is one of our many ‘Stackers from San Angelo, Texas. She lives there with her husband, three kids, three dogs, and one cat. She’s passionate about education and taught at a museum and a STEM education center before joining Formstack. In her spare time, she enjoys creating art, being outdoors, and family movie nights.

Nabeal lives on the south end of Indianapolis with his girlfriend and her two beautiful children, ages eight and five. They have two dogs: a five-year-old Pomeranian/Papillon mix and a 12-year-old black lab mix. He enjoys playing video games and intramural volleyball. He considers himself a jack of all trades; when not working on Formstack projects, he makes music, video games, 3d printed objects, and tinkers on a project car.

Douglas is from Houston and comes to Formstack with a background in Geographic Information Sciences (GIS). He’s worked at an engineering consulting firm as well as in academia. He enjoys gardening, reading, building with LEGOS, flying drones, and traveling. Fun fact: His three-legged dog, Katie, is a rescue from Kuwait through the organization Puppy Rescue Mission

Want to get to know our other teams better? Check out our Instagram for more insights into the teams (and pets!) who make Formstack run.

Get expert advice and support on your major projects. 

Our Professional Services team is ready to help you get your next Formstack project up and running quickly. From building out complex forms to creating multi-departmental workflows, this team can help you launch the processes you need in rapid time. 

Interested in working with our Professional Services team? Submit your information here to connect!


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