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4 Reasons You Should Be Using Online Forms for Your Government Surveys

March 22, 2018
Min Read

Surveys can play an important role in helping government organizations support the communities and citizens they represent. By gathering thorough information on public concerns and opinions, government officials can better understand and prioritize needs.But there’s one problem.Many government agencies are still trying to collect survey data using paper government forms—which can be a disorganized, lengthy process. If you’re ready to modernize your government agency, moving your surveys online is a great place to start. Consider all the surveys you can use to improve your public service:

  • Government satisfaction survey
  • Environmental issues survey
  • Event volunteer survey
  • Event attendee survey
  • Voter registration survey
  • Trash removal survey
  • Political climate survey
  • Facilities planning survey

Collecting and analyzing community feedback is a much more seamless process when it starts with an online survey. Why? Because online government surveys offer 4 key benefits:

#1: More Timely Input from Residents

With an online form builder, anyone can create a useful government survey in as little as 30 minutes. And residents can get immediate access to the form via a link sent through email, text, or another electronic alert system. You can also place form links on your government website so citizens can access them anytime, anywhere. Together, these features and functionalities allow for timely, convenient feedback that helps streamline processes for community improvement.

#2: Better Feedback Visibility

When an online government survey is submitted, the survey responses are immediately routed to a secure database. You can also set up email logic rules that alert relevant staff members or officials as soon as a form is submitted, as well as integrations that send the responses to spreadsheets or other data tools. These organized systems give you critical visibility into real-time community feedback, which helps your office formulate more fact-based decisions and strategies. Additionally, you can create visual reports of the data you collect and set benchmarks for future surveys.

#3: Quicker Action from Government Officials

Because of the timely input and feedback accessibility described above, government officials can implement community improvements with little delay. Once they’ve collected a sufficient sample of data, they can quickly view and analyze the data and then proceed with an action plan. The response turnaround for online government surveys is far superior to that of paper surveys, which means community members can see changes and improvements sooner.

#4: Less Paperwork and Data Entry

Digitizing your paper-based surveys and processes can dramatically reduce the amount of paperwork and data entry tasks your office has to manage—which means staff members can spend more time strategizing and implementing plans for bettering the community. As a public service organization, you are likely always looking for ways to connect with residents and improve your work. Stepping into the digital era and eliminating a slew of tedious tasks can help you do just that.

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