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Future of Work: Welcome to the Era of the Creator

Lindsay McGuire
February 18, 2021
Min Read

Welcome to our Future of Work series, investigating the changes that could be in store for the workplace, the workforce, and the nature of work itself. Listen to our Ripple Effect podcast episode How No-Code Can Empower You to be a Creator to hear more about the era of the creator. 

We’ve all found ourselves in situations where a problem has us stuck. Whether due to a lack of resources, time, or technical skill, we sometimes run into hurdles we’re not quite able to clear on our own. 

In these situations, you may find yourself needing IT support, a larger budget, or more hands on deck. This can lead to pushing back deadlines and complicated projects, which could possibly force you to scrap the project entirely due to more important priorities. 

But what if there was an easier way? What if you could overcome common workplace barriers without needing extra time, resources, or assistance? 

We’re entering a new era that is changing the way people, departments, and organizations tackle their most frustrating problems and challenges. Welcome to the era of the creator. 

What makes this the era of the creator? 

As many people in the past often dreamt about, the 21st century is all about digital transformation. Although people may have expected this to mean a far more complicated technical landscape, possibly something with flying cars and fully automated robot assistants, this new era of technology is actually focusing on how to simplify the way tech works. 

While legacy technology that is cumbersome and complicated may have dominated the markets before, we’ve now entered an era focused on empowering the non-technical worker. 

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Many things have contributed to this shift in thinking and creating, from a worldwide pandemic to a new generation focused on breaking out of traditional norms. Businesses have realized the need to become more nimble, flexible, and adaptable. This requires arming employees with tools they can easily use to rapidly develop, test, and launch new systems, processes, and workflows.

Organizations are realizing the importance of empowering all employees with easy-to-use, self-service tools. The need for speed, iteration, and innovation has led us to an era of the creator, fueled by the boom of no-code tools.

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No-code tools are empowering creators all over the world.  

You may not consider yourself a creator, but all employees are creators in one way or another. All roles rely on crafting important processes, workflows, and systems—from building budgets and communication plans to serving customers or running operations. 

We’re all tasked with trying to make incremental improvements to the way we work. No-code tools are designed to make it simple and easy for any worker to improve their processes, build better workflows, and add important automation to the tasks they perform every day. 

Ben Tossell, founder of Makerpad, explained how no-code tools fuel creators during a recent Ripple Effect podcast

He points out that no-code tools allow people to easily build prototypes for new systems and processes, without needing months of development time or loads of money. These types of tools empower any employee, with any level of technical skill, to create solutions quickly and easily. What exactly can no-code tools help you create? Here’s a small list of possibilities: 

  • Websites 
  • Apps
  • Automated workflows 
  • Digital forms 
  • Emails 
  • Data repositories 
  • Professional documents 

That’s just the beginning of what no-code software can help you create. For more inspiration, check out the article 7 of the Best No-Code Tools You Need to Try.

The key to being a better creator is shifting your mindset. 

As we enter a time period focused on finding simpler ways to build better solutions, it’s important to keep mindset front and center. It’s not just about tools or software. 

There’s a shift happening throughout organizations and industries to have conversations around mindsets and frameworks. From design thinking to the fishbone analysis, there are many different problem-solving strategies you can consider using when trying to come up with innovative, practically genius solutions to common problems. 

Watch Now: Discover your next practically genius idea!

Considering fresh problem-solving techniques can help you discover new ways of thinking and innovating. This can ensure you are open to new ideas that might not automatically stem from your current skill set, knowledge, or tools. 

Combining a powerful problem-solving mindset with the right tools can surely set you up for success. 

What will you create? 

With the proper tools, teams, and mindset, you can create smart solutions to your most challenging workplace problems. Take advantage of this era of the creator by building something today! 

Want to learn more about how no-code and low-code tools can empower you to quickly and easily build better solutions? Listen to the Ripple Effect podcast episode How No-Code Can Empower You to be a Creator now! 


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Lindsay McGuire
Lindsay is the Content Marketing Manager at Formstack, splitting her time between creating blog content, writing reports, and hosting Formstack's Practically Genius podcast. She's a proud graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism (MIZ!) and loves connecting with others on LinkedIn.
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