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Document and eSignature Problems? We Have the Answers

Stefanie Jansen |
September 21, 2022
Min Read

Aren’t automated solutions supposed to solve your problems, not create more? So why are you experiencing digital signature issues or challenges in your document generation? 

Not all eSignature and digital document systems are created equal. Some were created to help you grow your workplace efficiency, while others simply check the boxes of your basic needs.

Here are five common issues you might run into with your electronic signatures and documents if you choose the wrong solution. 

1. Not Enough Flexible Document Types

Your teams don’t stick to one type of document. They use all different kinds like PDFs, Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations for various purposes throughout the customer lifecycle. Why should they have to recreate their documents just to input new data? 

Some popular document generation solutions boast flexibility, but when your teams need to move quickly, they’re met with roadblocks to using the data they collect. Maybe they can’t route data based on logic or their docs don’t autofill, so they have to manually type in the same information over and over. 

Formstack Documents can take any document you upload and dynamically populate it with data from your favorite cloud apps like Salesforce. That means more time moving deals and campaigns forward and less time putting in manual work. Once your doc is dynamically filled, you can deliver it anywhere, from legal or finance to your preferred storage app. 

Jumpstart your workflows with timesaving templates for everything from applications and agreements to presentations and proposals.

2. Lack of Helpful Integrations

What’s the point of data if you can’t use it? The problem is, your data may not be housed in one place. It might be in your CRM, e-commerce solution, or even your Outlook inbox. If your document or signature solution doesn’t integrate with your favorite apps, you’re either stuck manually retyping all of the information into the new format or shelling out more money for customization. 

Look for eSign and document solutions with 100+ integrations so your apps have a higher likelihood of being connected straight out of the box. Both Formstack Documents and Formstack Sign integrate with hundreds of popular apps so you can: 

  • Pull data into your documents
  • Collect signatures
  • Send files to your preferred cloud storage solution
  • Upload to records in your CRM
  • And much more

Our strength lies in our flexibility—and so can yours. 

Take Your Pick: Formstack works with 260+ third-party integrations to connect your forms, documents, and signatures to the systems you use most. See yours on the list?

3. Complex Document Creation

You shouldn’t have to know code to create a professional-looking document or enable a contract for electronic signature. Yet, some solutions still don’t have the drag and drop functionality your team needs to quickly build beautiful customer-facing assets. That means training new employees to use less-than-intuitive software and wasting precious time whenever you need to build new docs. 

Drag and drop functionality is a must for teams that want to move fast. At Formstack, we’ve known this since the beginning, which is why we built our solutions to help you create beautiful forms and documents in minutes. Our drag-and-drop builder lets you build documents and easily add fields like signatures, initials, dates. Field placement not quite right? Easily adjust with a click. 

Bringing the ease of no-code to Formstack Documents blog post

4. Non-compliant or Insecure Signatures

Most eSignature tools maintain HIPAA and regulatory compliance because it’s the law. But what happens when a signer denies they signed a document? Does your solution give you the evidence you need to prove the signer interacted with the document and the signature was legally binding

Keep your company out of hot water by investing in a signature solution that logs every action for future review. Formstack Sign provides you with a comprehensive, FDA-compliant audit trail with each signed document so you know exactly who did what and when. Plus, any and all data you store is protected with powerful encryption so you have peace of mind that you’re doing right by your customers.

5. Mobile Incompatibility

More than 85% of Americans now have smartphones, and 15% are totally “smartphone-dependent.” Younger generations don’t want to be tied to computers or have to be present for in-person signing to get their important business done. Yet, common eSignature solutions don’t offer SMS or text signing for your increasingly mobile customers. What will you do when they can’t or won’t sign?

It’s time to make your eSignature capabilities as mobile as your customers. Formstack Sign lets users sign anywhere by conveniently sending your documents via email or text. Plus, close the loop faster with text and email alerts that remind them their document is still unsigned. 

Say Goodbye to Document and Digital Signature Issues

The eSignature and digital document problems you face are easily fixable. With Formstack, you get more features that are thoughtfully designed to help your team work faster and more efficiently without constant interruptions. Plus, Formstack Sign is the only eSignature tool that offers unlimited eSignatures, documents, and templates so you don’t have to worry about monthly account limits.

See how the Formstack Platform solves your document and eSign issues from the start with an all-in-one solution. Start your free 14-day trial now!


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Stefanie Jansen |
Stefanie is a marketing writer with specialties in blogging, website writing, and copy editing. She has worked with a number of tech companies and has experience in the areas of email, marketing campaigns, and employee engagement. Connect with Stefanie at word4wordwriting.com.
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