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Automating the Teacher Hiring Process

Annie Sullivan
May 31, 2022
Min Read

With an alarming 55% of instructors thinking of leaving the education industry earlier than planned and high school teacher employment alone projected to grow 8% from now until 2030, institutions are going to be hard pressed to fill open roles for the foreseeable future.

With that in mind, it’s more important than ever to ensure your teacher hiring process is automated to run smoothly. From receiving application and license uploads to setting interview appointments, digitization frees up time, improves communication, breaks down data silos, and creates a better applicant experience. Read on to discover why you should consider digitizing your teacher hiring process and what tools can make the process simple and easy.

Automate Teacher Hiring Submissions, Alleviate Headaches

According to a National Education Association (NEA) survey, 90% of members report feeling burned out, and when asked about potential ways to address the issue, less paperwork came up again and again. And it’s not hard to see why. The paperwork starts before the job even does.

When instructors apply for open positions, they often have to submit everything from:

  • An application
  • A letter of interest
  • Their resume
  • A copy of their certification
  • Professional references
  • Documentation on their learning and teaching philosophies
  • Essay question answers
  • Recorded video interviews
  • Background checks
  • Medical examinations
  • And more

It’s exhausting. But by implementing automated workflows around teacher hiring, you can take your hiring process to the next level. That means less paperwork, more hours back in your day, and faster hiring processes. 

Put Your Best Foot Forward

If you think you’re saving money by not investing in digitization, it may end up costing you more than you think. Continuing to work with paper applications means you run the risk of losing out on great candidates who get snatched up by faster-moving online processes. 

Moreover, not only will applications be looking to work for forward-thinking institutions and districts, but they may actually avoid applying to ones with archaic or paper-based systems. 

Creating a top-notch experience for your applicants can wow them right from the start. It shows you’re willing to invest in technologies and processes that will make their job easier. It’s one of the most straightforward and quickest ways to prove to applicants you’re an institution worth taking note of—and applying to. 

One Teacher Hiring Process Automation Solution is Best

To start with, find a single solution provider who can help you create a seamless digital experience for applicants. You need one hub where not only applicant materials can be uploaded and tracked, but where contracts and offer letters can be automatically generated and sent without having to manually type them or fill in data the applicant has already supplied. It’s also smart to look for a platform that includes an eSignature tool so candidates can sign important documents from the convenience of their phone, tablet, or computer.

Implementing a single solution for teacher hiring process automation will free up hours of faculty and staff time, reduce the amount of data errors, and provide applicants a better experience. 

Did you know? Over 1,000 colleges and universities use Formstack. 

Save Your Employees Time

Automated hiring processes don’t just benefit applicants. They also save you, your faculty, and your staff loads of time—up to 17 hours a week on average. Instead of having to sift through piles of applications, filing coffee-stained resumes, and writing out offers of employment, your teachers can actually get back to teaching. 

Even better, workflow automations can help beyond the hiring process too. You can easily route submissions, feedback, and approvals between departments for admissions, financial aid, and more. Or, turn existing data into custom applications, acceptance letters, and loan documents that can be delivered to students online. The possibilities are endless once you start your automation journey. 

Check out an Example Automated Teacher Hiring Workflow

Here’s just one example of what you can accomplish with Formstack’s workflow automation processes when it comes to hiring the teachers you need:

  • Teachers submit applications and all supporting materials through Formstack Forms.
  • Faculty and staff review materials and schedule interviews. 
  • Offer of employment and contract are automatically generated and sent to chosen applicant using Formstack Documents
  • Applicants securely sign and return documents using Formstack Sign

Shift to Automated Teacher Hiring Processes Today

Educators are already dealing with an onslaught of paperwork, and adding more to the mix is only serving to drive talented teachers away. It’s time to go digital and save yourself and your faculty time and headaches. 

See how Formstack’s teacher hiring automated workflows can transform the way your institution hires teachers, collects data, generates documents, and more. 


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Annie Sullivan
Annie Sullivan is the Growth Marketing Copywriter at Formstack. She lives in Indianapolis and loves writing, reading, and traveling.
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