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Achieve Salesforce Success with Formstack

Annie Sullivan
June 7, 2022
Min Read

Formstack users are always finding innovative ways to solve common workplace problems. Whether it’s crafting new digital patient onboarding or collecting loan applications, from healthcare to finance to education, there’s a Formstack for Salesforce solution for every industry. 

Below, we outline some of the unique ways users employ Formstack for Salesforce to solve every day—and not so every day—work problems in their industries.  

What is Formstack for Salesforce?

In order to understand how the companies below drastically improved the way they do business, you have to understand how Formstack for Salesfoce works.   

Formstack for Salesforce automates your Salesforce workflows. With an all-in-one solution, it helps you maximize your Salesforce investment with dynamically pre-filled forms, automated document generation, and streamlined digital signature collection—all without ever leaving your Salesforce org. 

It saves teams an average 17 hours a week along with breaking down data silos and improving the customer experience. 


The healthcare industry needs to make swift changes moving forward to retain patients and improve access to care. Here are a few examples of organizations that did just that to stay on top.  

Developing a Secure Patient Intake Process  

When tech consultant Michelle’s healthcare client needed to create a digital patient intake process on a tight deadline, the Soliant Consulting team turned to Formstack’s out-of-the box solution. The client needed a completely digital patient onboarding process. With Formstack for Salesforce, they created a HIPAA compliant process to securely collect patient data, route it to the appropriate back office staff, and automatically generate consent documents. They also streamlined insurance and billing processes, saving their client multiple steps and lots of time. In just one day alone with these new processes, they were able to register 80 new patients.

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Simplifying Supply Chain Planning and Product Feedback 

Bentley, a developer, manufacturer, and marketer of innovative implants for minimally-invasive treatments of vascular diseases, was using manual data collection to manage their yearly forecasting and product feedback processes. But with Formstack for Salesforce, they digitized their forecasting, resulting in processes that can now be completed in minutes instead of hours or days. Plus, with that added time they gained, Bentley predicts they’ll expand their processes to include over 70 partners worldwide across 80 countries. 

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Fast-Tracking Course Registrations in Salesforce 

When LoveYourBrain needed a way to transform course registrations and applications, they turned to Formstack for Salesforce. Information is now collected in Formstack before going directly into Salesforce to create records in real-time. With this new process, LoveYourBrain was able to reduce manual data entry and open up more time to focus on their mission and growth goals.  

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Launching a Digital Certification Process 

Penrod, a Salesforce consulting agency, had a client—a community hospital—come to them for help creating a digital certification process. Paper forms had been causing delays and requiring information to be manually entered into the hospital’s Salesforce system. Formstack for Salesforce allowed the community hospital to replace paper forms with accessible, web-based forms that also provided eSigning capabilities to capture consent quickly.  

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After 2020, education organizations had to make quick shifts toward going digital. But now, it’s time to examine those patched-together workflows and see if improvements can be made to provide better student experiences and simplify data collection.  

Streamlining the Student Experience 

When Simon Fraser University (SFU) needed a digital solution to manage their complex data workflows, Formstack for Salesforce enabled them to streamline the student experience while capturing the data they needed right within Salesforce. This resulted in fewer forms, faster processes, and better communication with potential students, parents, and academic counsellors. 

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Centralizing College Student Data  

Central New Mexico Community College needed to unify their data sets and become more agile. Using Formstack for Salesforce, they created an accurate and reliable database of both prospective and active students with fewer duplicates and less manual upkeep of forms and data. This saved employees and staff countless hours and gave them time back in their day to dedicate to improving student outcomes. 

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The finance world moves quickly, and those who lag behind will lose out. Discover how top finserve companies use Formstack for Salesforce to provide better, faster customer experiences and services that help attract and retain clients.  

Creating an Online Paycheck Protection Program Loan Application 

With the launch of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Tri Counties Bank needed a way to collect loan applications from customers without the time or cost of custom development. They used Formstack for Salesforce to create an online PPP loan application in just one week, which helped deliver $436.7 million in loans to businesses within the communities they serve. 

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Streamlining Internal Workflows in Salesforce 

Ameris Bank needed a data collection solution that wouldn’t require employees to log into Salesforce. By implementing Formstack tools, referring employees now choose a type of referral to kickstart the Salesforce workflow. Submission of their new Formstack form automatically creates a referral record in Salesforce—all without employees needing to login to Salesforce—which leads to time saved and faster processing.  

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Integration directly with Salesforce can save already stressed nonprofits time and money. Getting your data and workflows in line now can make all the difference in your nonprofit achieving its mission.  

Simplifying Information Requests and Boosting Leads  

When CNM Ingenuity, a nonprofit created by Central New Mexico Community College, needed to revamp their lead generation system, they used Formstack to create a successful process for information requests. Thanks to native integration with Salesforce, information captured on their lead generation forms now feeds directly into Salesforce—saving them tons of time and allowing them to communicate faster. 

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Maximizing Nonprofit Story Collection within Salesforce 

Big Green creates a healthier future for kids with a nationwide network of Learning Gardens and food literacy programs at low-income schools. However, they found it difficult to collect stories from their Learning Gardens. Big Green combined Mogli SMS, a SMS messaging tool that directly integrates with Salesforce, and Formstack for Salesforce to create a simple and easy way for teachers to submit stories while in the garden—giving them the info they needed quickly and easily. 

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Centralizing Data Management with Salesforce 

The Red Tab Foundation was using two separate databases—one for programs and one for fundraising—and, thus, had segmented data. Formstack for Salesforce gave team members a full view of both program and fundraising data in one system. Not to mention that Formstack automated the flow of information through native fundraising forms, assistance request forms, event registration forms, and more. This saved the nonprofit over $20,000 per year in software subscriptions alone.  

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When most people think of sports, they think of players and coaches. But a lot of thought and energy has to go into creating personalized fan experiences based off of collected data. Discover how you can use data to transform how fans experience the game.  

Improving Fan Experiences by Updating Salesforce Processes 

Chicago Fire Football Club’s, an American professional soccer franchise, survey tool couldn’t track deviations when feedback changed from its typical pattern. By implementing Formstack for Salesforce, they were able to pull from any object in Salesforce, provide a smooth and personalized experience for fans, and send data directly into their Salesforce instance. They saved 15-20 hours per week of manual work and created a dynamic, personalized experience for fans.  

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Storing Event Ticket Data in Salesforce 

The NBA team the Pacers needed a way to seamlessly transfer ticket data into Salesforce. They turned to Formstack to help them create a highly stylized, branded form for ticket sales. This resulted in saving each rep five hours each week per event, allowed for quicker customer communication, and provided easier access to customer data.  

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Additional Industries  

Whether you run a small business, work in real estate, or just have outdated systems and processes, there are ways to make improvements that will help you save time, money, and headaches.  

Managing Global Building Operations Across Real Estate Teams 

Salesforce’s Real Estate Technology team runs a high-volume operation that requires data collection from employees and visitors across 150 locations. With Formstack, Salesforce replaced their old process with a single form that captures all information needed across the 150 sites. It also then routes to the correct person or department, all while keeping records in Salesforce synchronized across the process and flow. This saved them countless hours and sped up communication. 

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Automating Applications for Improved Client Experience 

When TASC, the nation’s largest privately-held third-party administrator, needed to upgrade their clunky, antiquated processes, they turned to Formstack's suite of digital tools for support. As a result, they were able to create a comprehensive online customer application form using Conditional Logic. And staff is now able to use data from the submitted customer application, in addition to Salesforce, to create and automatically send proposals to clients and to update client records in Salesforce. This has drastically improved their efficiency and customer experience. 

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Adding Formstack for Salesforce to Your Tech Stack 

Changing the way you collect, analyze, and repurpose data can revitalize the customer experience and keep customers, clients, and patients returning time and time again. It’s never too late—or too early, for that matter—to take a look at your processes and see where improvements can be made, manual data entry can be eliminated, and processes can be automated. 

Want to see how you can save time, put an end to manual data, and automate workflows? Check out Formstack for Salesforce today.  




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Annie Sullivan
Annie Sullivan is the Growth Marketing Copywriter at Formstack. She lives in Indianapolis and loves writing, reading, and traveling.
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