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A Side-by-Side Comparison

What is the best WordPress Contact and Order Form Builder?

We'll show you why Formstack is the best.

Easy to use, hard to beat

Contact Forms
Order Forms
Registration Form
  • WordPress Contact Forms

    Connect with your customers! Do you need WordPress forms to capture leads? Add a simple contact form widget and start generating new business and customer relationships. Formstack offers an easy-to-use WordPress contact form plugin. We also offer tons of other marketer-friendly features that other WordPress forms tools don't offer.

    contact form
  • WordPress Order Forms

    To make money online, you need a sophisticated ecommerce plugin. Do business simply and securely on your website. Add a branded WordPress order form and let the payment processing begin! Formstack offers an easy-to-use WordPress payment plugin, plus tons of marketer-friendly features that other e-commerce tools don't have.

    order form
  • WordPress Registration Forms

    Have an event you're planning? Stop worrying about how you'll collect registrant information. Build a registration form to embed on your WordPress website or blog and collect data seamlessly. You can even take payments right from your registration form with our any of our payment processor integrations!

    registration form

How we stack up on features

There are so many plugins available to build forms on WordPress. Maybe you have tried one (or a few), and now you might be wondering, "Is there a better Contact Form 7 alternative out there?" "How can I build a simple, custom contact form on WordPress?" or "What's a powerful Ninja Forms competitor?" We've put together a chart comparing popular form maker plugins, as well as Formstack's own tool for Wordpress forms.

Wordpress Online Form Builder Comparison Chart

Contact Form 7 Formcraft Formidable Form Maker Formstack Gravity Forms Ninja Forms Quform Visual Form Builder Pro

Contact Form 7





Gravity Forms

Ninja Forms


Visual Form Builder Pro

File Uploads

Conditional Logic

Code free Design

More info

Code free Builder

Payment Processors

0 0 1 1 11 5 2 0 1

3rd-party Integrations

0 7 6 0 40+ 12 10 0 4

Save & Resume

Google Analytics

More info

Facebook Embed

Mobile App

Calculating Fields

Electronic Signatures

Approval Workflow

Routing Logic

Notice an error in our data? Please let us know.

Easy To Use, Hard To Beat

Formstack's Drag And Drop Feature
Drag & Drop

Formstack is an intuitive, robust form builder. Anyone on your team can put together custom forms with our visual, drag-and-drop interface. No coding necessary. Set up conditional logic, check boxes, or short answer questions with just a few clicks.

Wordpress editor
Ready-To-Go Plugin

Our WordPress plugin makes embedding your Formstack forms as easy as clicking a button. You can even display forms in your WordPress sidebar. The widget automatically optimizes the web form’s CSS so that your form will fit and look great in the sidebar. It's simple to get started and we have instructions to guide you in the process.

Get more from your data

Get more than just a list of submissions and responses from your online form. Formstack's database equips you to make smart business decisions with advanced data management. Create beautiful, custom charts to make informed decisions on leads and customer information. You can export your data using PDF, CSV, Word, or Excel formats. Share information exclusively with your team with private links.

Advanced Analytics

With Formstack's Google Analytics plugin and in-app metrics, you can track form views, abandonment rates, and referral sites. Use field bottlenecks to identify the questions that cause visitors to leave your form. Formstack's Google Analytics plugin is popular among marketers and offers more insight on your form's campaign performance.

Data Routing

Formstack's intuitive Data Routing feature sends submissions to different members of your team based on question responses. Engage leads faster when the data lands in the right hands. Simplify team workflow and avoid losing data in the wrong person's overcrowded inbox.

Better Lead Capture

Capture more leads with smart optimization features designed to boost conversions. Test different form elements with the A/B testing feature to see what gets prospects to convert, and get real-time data on forms even if users never hit submit with our Partial Submissions tracker.

Simplify workflow with powerful integrations

Formstack plays well with others. Our 40+ marketing integrations and 11 payment processors connect seamlessly with your forms. Leverage your data and advance your business with responsive efficiency.


Pass data directly to MailChimp, one of our leading email marketing partners. Cut manual data entry and jump start your lead nurture process by adding form data directly to your email list. This integration automatically adds new users to existing lists, updates subscriber details, or sends a double opt-in message.


Grow your business with smart, streamlined customer relationship management. Formstack's integration with Salesforce links your online forms for Web-to-lead, Web-to-case, and Web-to-anything with just a few simple clicks. Deliver usable data to your sales team directly from your Wordpress forms.


Ready to start making money online? Start right away with a sleek Wordpress order form and Formstack's PayPal integration. You can quickly integrate your online forms with your PayPal account. And the best part? Formstack doesn't charge any processing fees on our end.

Take your forms to the next level.

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"This tool is phenomenal. Formstack is so much easier to use, and the functionality is unsurpassed."

Tiffany Tobol | Creative: MMS

"Formstack is far more intuitive than Wufoo or other services I've tried."

Marie Reynolds | Mount Laurel Schools

"I did find it really stupidly simple to create a form—even one with some complexity—so it is elegant software that perfectly fits a bill."

Todd Kasenberg | Guiding Star Communications and Consulting