What is the best WordPress Form Builder?

There are many lead capture plugins out there for WordPress forms, but none of them contain the power and flexibility of Formstack. The Formstack WordPress forms plugin allows you to easily embed Formstack forms on your WordPress pages with just the click of a button. Drop our forms into your sidebar through a widget that automatically optimizes the form’s CSS so it will fit and look great on your page. All you need to get started is a Formstack account and the plugin.
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Advanced Analytics

With Formstack's Google Analytics plugin and in-app metrics, you can track form views, abandonment rates, and referral sites. Use field bottlenecks to identify the questions that cause visitors to leave your form. Formstack's Google Analytics plugin is popular among marketers and offers more insight on your form's campaign performance.

Data Routing

Formstack's intuitive Data Routing feature sends submissions to different members of your team based on question responses. Engage leads faster when the data lands in the right hands. Simplify team workflow and avoid losing data in the wrong person's overcrowded inbox.

Better Lead Capture

Capture more leads with smart optimization features designed to boost conversions. Test different form elements with the A/B testing feature to see what gets prospects to convert, and get real-time data on forms even if users never hit submit with our Partial Submissions tracker.

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