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Go beyond simple data collection with a form builder that can help you automate critical workflows and be more productive across all areas of your business.
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Let’s compare Formstack vs. Typeform

Formstack Forms can help you do more than just fun quizzes and small polls. Collect data with a no-code form builder that can help you accomplish more in your workday.

Collect more in-depth data

Typeform forms offer a unique design experience, but you’ll outgrow them quickly if you need anything complex. As a Typeform alternative, Formstack offers features that add more power to your data collection. Simplify team workflows with approvals, capture more leads with advanced conversion tools, and more.

Save time with seamless workflows

Use your forms to set up automated workflow processes that cut hours out of your day. Easily collect information from multiple people on a single form, track completion progress, and identify bottlenecks so you can figure out ways to make your processes even simpler.

Collect eSignatures on your forms

To gather signatures on Typeform forms, you have to use an integration. Formstack provides an electronic signature field that can be placed directly on your forms so you don’t have to use an integration or connector. Collect legally-binding eSignatures for checklist sign-offs, enrollment forms, internal approvals, and more.

Enjoy world-class support

Need something beyond just basic support? Formstack offers priority support and onboarding for certain plans so you can learn the ropes of your account quickly and hit the ground running. We can also build custom forms and workflows for you with our Professional Services.

Formstack for Salesforce

Capture data directly in Salesforce

As a Typeform alternative, Formstack offers a 100% native app in the Salesforce AppExchange. This means you can create forms and capture data in Salesforce without having to use an integration.


Quickly build forms directly in Salesforce with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder.


Save your users some time by prefilling data from any object so records can be updated and verified quickly.


Protect your Salesforce forms with encryption, reCAPTCHA, and compliance for HIPAA, FedRamp, and FERPA.

Enterprise-ready security

Keep your data secure

As a Typeform alternative, Formstack takes data security very seriously and offers some security features that are not available for Typeform forms.

Do more with the data you collect

Formstack is more than just a form builder. Digitize processes, save time, and do your best work with our full platform of productivity products.

Create documents

Use your form data to generate beautifully designed documents that can be emailed to customers and employees or sent to other apps.

Capture eSignatures

Let clients and coworkers review and sign generated documents from the convenience of their computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Fix broken processes

Enable anyone on your team to go from idea to solution quickly so they can overcome bottlenecks and adapt to shifting priorities.

Compare Formstack vs. Typeform

Formstack is a powerful Typeform alternative that helps businesses become more efficient and accomplish goals more quickly. This comparison table details the differences between Formstack vs. Typeform forms.

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