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4 things the Squarespace form builder can't do

Squarespace forms are fine for your basic online contact us form, but with Formstack you can take your online business to the next level. You've invested a lot of time and money to build your beautiful Squarespace website. Don't you and your business deserve powerful online forms to go with it? Advanced form features, integrations, team collaboration tools, and internal process management make Formstack a more robust solution to Squarespace forms. Whether you need to sell products, collect more leads, gather donations, or sign people up for your newsletter, Formstack gives you the power to collect valuable information and grow your business online.

Popular app integrations

The Squarespace form builder has few integrations. You can't even send a simple email confirmation! Formstack's 200+ web app integrations and API and Webhooks create endless possibilities for managing data. Update email lists with new subscribers, collect payments, manage spreadsheets, collect electronic signatures and more.

Mobile-friendly forms

Make sure everyone can view and fill out your forms anywhere on any device. All of Formstack's forms are mobile-friendly out of the box. No need to add an additional plugin, alter your form, or delete content from your website to ensure your forms remain mobile responsive.

Easy embed functionality

The only place you can embed Squarespace forms is on your Squarespace website. Expand the reach of your forms with Formstack's multiple embedding options. Placing your forms on other websites, blogs, and social media channels will increase visibility, submissions, and sales.

In-depth form analytics

The Squarespace form builder has limited storage options and no form analytics. Formstack stores all of your form data in our database, and provides the tools you need to analyze that data. Use features like Partial Submissions, Field Bottlenecks, and Google Analytics to gain business insights and make better decisions.

Formstack for Salesforce

Powerful forms for your Squarespace website

Compare the differences below between Formstack and the Squarespace form builder, and discover why Formstack is one of the best Squarespace alternatives.

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