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A Side-by-Side Comparison

What is the Best Gravity Forms Alternative

When it comes to Wordpress, Gravity Forms and Formstack are two of the best online form solutions. But side-by-side, Formstack is a much better marketing and workflow tool that will create more opportunities for your sales team with no extra Gravity forms WordPress plugins required.

How we stack up on features

Formstack and Gravity Forms WordPress plugins both offer a wide variety of features for online form building. Here’s how we compare along with our peers in the industry.

Google Forms
Gravity Forms
Drag and Drop
Themes & CSS
Conditional Logic
Form Importer


A/B Testing
Campaign Tracking
Google Analytics
Facbook Tab Embed
Field Bottlenecks
Partial Submissions
Social Autofill

Data Collection

Confirmation & Redirects
Data Routing
Data Import/Export
Email Logic
Field Validation
File Uploads
Save & Resume
Webhooks & API

Payments & Security

Calculating Fields
Discount Codes
Email Confirmation
Payment Processors
Electronic Signatures

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Want to go beyond Wordpress?

Gravity Forms has long been trusted on WordPress, but the reach ends there. Not only can Formstack forms be easily embedded on a WordPress site, but we can help you convert more traffic across multiple platforms. Our versatile forms can be embedded on any website or on your Facebook page. You can also share your forms using a unique URL.

Learn more with Analytics

Both apps offer a Google Analytics plugin, but Formstack offers even more in-app metrics to help you get the most traction on your form. Track views and submissions, referring traffic, and abandonment rates across any time period. You can even identify what fields are causing your visitors to click away from your form.

Get more with Mobile

Gravity Forms Alternative Mobile Apps

Both apps offer mobile responsive forms, but Formstack also gives you mobile apps on all 3 major platforms – Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Keep track of your form data and stay updated straight from your smartphone. Is Formstack sounding like a better Gravity Forms alternative?

Free your forms from WordPress.

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"This tool is phenomenal. Formstack is so much easier to use, and the functionality is unsurpassed."

Tiffany Tobol | Creative: MMS

"Formstack is far more intuitive than Wufoo or other services I've tried."

Marie Reynolds | Mount Laurel Schools

"I did find it really stupidly simple to create a form—even one with some complexity—so it is elegant software that perfectly fits a bill."

Todd Kasenberg | Guiding Star Communications and Consulting

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