Veterinary Referral Form Template

Simplify the process of referring animals to other veterinary clinics.

Simplify your workflows

When providing healthcare, it's incredibly important to connect your patients to the right specialists. It's no different when your patients have four legs. Use this veterinary referral form at your clinic to streamline your referral process. When a client's furry, scaly, or feathered friend isn't feeling well, use this form to make a veterinary referral to internal medicine, neurology, surgery, oncology, and more. Ditching paper and using Formstack's online form solution makes your veterinary clinic more efficient and minimizes the need for redundant, time-wasting tasks.

Customize your form

This veterinary referral form is ready to use. No coding or tech knowledge needed! Making edits is simple with our drag-and-drop form builder. There's no need to spend thousands on a web developer or hire a freelancer. From intake forms and surgery sign-offs to inventory checklists and release forms, you can create any form your veterinary clinic might need within minutes. It's incredibly easy to create polished, branded forms by creating your own custom theme and including your logo, colors, and font choices.

Collect data on mobile

Please your clients and office staff by ditching paper forms and turning to digital! Using mobile-friendly forms will help you collect information faster and easier. Not to mention the amount of paper you'll no longer need to store. Staff can upload files, submit notes, and record symptoms and history, all within the same form from a computer, tablet, or phone. Add a tablet or two to your waiting room to create a more efficient patient check-in process.

Save time

You and your team will speed through referrals with this veterinary referral form template. You can save even more time by customizing it with veterinarians and clinics you refer to often. Simply use Conditional Logic to add them to the right referral type and insert the details of their office. You'll never need to manually upload that information again! You can also set email notifications to send customized messages to various audiences. Send an email notification to the referred veterinarian, as well as a copy of the referral to the pet's parent.

Please your clients

When your pet is sick, the last thing you want to do is spend time filling out form after form by hand. Please your clients by providing online forms they can fill out from the convenience of their own home. All the data you gather is securely stored in one place, making it incredibly easy to pull up pet information in minutes. Streamline and simplify appointment bookings, pet health history, customer satisfaction surveys, and more with Formstack.

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