Veterinary Prescription Form Template

Streamline the ordering of pet prescriptions at your veterinary clinic.

Simplify your workflows

When running a busy veterinary clinic, the last thing you want to do is waste time chasing paper or people. Save time, boost productivity, and eliminate paper by switching to completely custom online forms such as this veterinary prescription template. Formstack's drag-and-drop builder makes it simple to create all the forms and surveys you need to run a successful veterinary business. Skip the manual data entry, printing, writing, scanning, faxing, and mailing by digitizing everything from new client registration to surgery consent forms.

Improve data accuracy

Your staff never has to worry about transcribing a handwritten prescription ever again. Use this veterinary prescription form template to eliminate paper prescriptions and manual data entry. Minimize inaccuracies to improve the speed of prescription fills and work more efficiently. Staff can easily submit prescription requests on a tablet while they're in the examination room or from any device before their appointment.

Streamline prescription approvals

Simplify the approval process for prescription requests or refills with Formstack's Workflows feature. Create automated workflows in minutes that connect prescription requests to the correct veterinarian for approval. Once the vet approves the prescription, it can be automatically routed to the pharmacy to be filled, saving your staff time and improving communication.

Customize to save time

This veterinary prescription template is easy to customize to the needs of your veterinary clinic. Consider importing a CSV list of common medications to minimize typing out long and complicated medication names. You can also use Conditional Logic to ask particular questions or show specific dosage instructions related to the chosen medicine type, minimizing time spent filling out the form.

Attract and retain more clients

Please your clients by providing online forms they can fill out from the convenience of their own home before appointments. All the data you gather is securely stored in one place, making it incredibly easy to pull up pet information in minutes. Streamline and simplify appointment bookings, pet health history, customer satisfaction surveys, consent forms, and more with Formstack.

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