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Social Services Home Visit Checklist Template

Social Services Home Visit Checklist Template

Use this checklist while working in the field to ensure the health and safety of the children you serve.

Simplify your workflows

As a social worker, your number one goal is to protect children and ensure their health and safety. When performing home visits, use this checklist to guide your visit and track crucial data. This checklist is especially helpful for social workers practicing in the field of public child welfare. Ditch paper forms for good and make your everyday tasks and data collection more efficient.

Collect data from anywhere

This social services home visit checklist is mobile-friendly and easy to access from a phone or tablet. No need to take physical paperwork or a large notebook to track updates and notes for your cases. You can also say goodbye to all the hours wasted on manual data entry back at the office. All your data is securely routed, which saves time and keeps you organized. If you need to send submissions to a coworker, setting up data routing via email is quick and easy.

Access your forms offline

No internet? No problem! With the Offline Forms add-on, you can submit your checklist from anywhere at anytime. No internet connection, Wi-Fi, or LTE data usage needed! Simply download the Formstack Go app to your device to be able to input your data whenever you need to, regardless of internet connection or access.

Customize to your needs

Customize this social services home visit checklist template to the needs of your organization and state regulations. With our simple form builder, all you need to do is drag and drop. No coding knowledge needed! Adapting this checklist to other areas of social work, such as school visits or elderly checks, is simple. Make a copy of the original within our form builder, then edit and add sections as needed.

Protect your submissions

It's of upmost importance to respect the privacy of your clients and keep their information confidential. All data collected through Formstack is stored securely on our servers. You can also add additional levels of protection to your social services home visit checklist through a variety of security methods. From password-protected forms to data and email encryption, you can select the data protection that makes sense for your forms.

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