Restaurant Evaluation Form Template

Discover what customers think of your restaurant with this easy-to-use survey questionnaire.

Simplify your workflows

Quality service is essential if you want to stay in the restaurant biz. Give your customers a fast, easy way to leave feedback with Formstack's restaurant evaluation form. Quickly collect the information you need to gauge what customers think of your menu, serving staff, cleanliness, and atmosphere.

Add your branding

This survey questionnaire for restaurants is completely customizable so you can tweak it to meet your needs. Add design elements like your restaurant logo and colors to increase brand awareness and leave a good impression.

Set up table kiosks

With the Formstack Go app, you can put this form on a kiosk so customers can fill it out at their table or at the checkout counter. You can also embed the form directly on your website or share it on your social channels for a wider reach.

Simplify your workflows

Pass survey data to managers and staff members as soon as feedback is submitted. With the Workflows tool, multiple people can review and comment on your form so issues can be noted and handled quickly.

Evaluate customer feedback

Dive into your form's analytics to identify key trends and monitor changes in customer satisfaction over time. Easily share these findings with your management team in presentation-ready graphs, charts, and reports.

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