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Templates Recruitment Evaluation Survey

Recruitment Evaluation Survey

Collect feedback from candidates that can help you improve your recruitment process.

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The hiring experience plays an important role in whether or not you can hire employees that are the right fit for your organization. Poor processes can lead to less talent in the door and a stain on your company’s reputation. Ensure you put your best foot forward for candidates by collecting their feedback on this recruitment feedback template.

Give candidates a branded experience.

Give candidates a branded experience.

Leave a positive impression by customizing this recruitment evaluation survey to match your company’s branding. The Theme Editor makes it easy to add logos and tweak various aspects of your form, including colors, fonts, sections, and spacing.

Gather feedback anywhere via mobile.

Gather feedback anywhere via mobile.

Since all Formstack forms are 100% mobile-friendly, candidates will be able to access this evaluation form on any device, including laptops, phones, and tablets. Sharing is also simple. Just embed the form on your company’s website or email it out to candidates.

Easily track candidate submissions.

Easily track candidate submissions.

Usually, there are several forms that candidates have to complete during the hiring process. Group this recruitment feedback template with other forms in an easily accessible portal. Candidates will be able to access and fill out all the forms they need to complete the hiring process.

Put the information you collect to work.

Put the information you collect to work.

After you collect your data, you can dive into your form’s analytics to identify trends and monitor shifts in candidate feedback over time. Look for new ways to improve your process, and easily share findings with your team via presentation-ready charts and graphs.

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Create a seamless hiring workflow.

KleenMark used Formstack to standardize a new hire request process and eliminate over 2,000 hard-to-manage email threads.

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