Multiple-Choice Test Template

Create fun, interactive, online quizzes that you can share anywhere with this customizable template.

Simplify your workflows

Quizzes are great educational tools that can help you gauge how well students are paying attention in class and absorbing the material. But they can be tedious to grade. Trading out paper and pencils for online quizzes will make grading easier, help you keep track of scores, and better engage your students. Formstack's customizable multiple-choice quiz template can help you get a head start. Just send the link and students can take the test on any device at any time. Easily customizable with no-coding involved. Try it for free!

Improve student engagement

Get a jumpstart before the next semester by customizing this online quiz template to accommodate different quizzes. Every aspect of this template is completely customizable so you can create quizzes that look and feel right for your class. Add elements like images, videos, and GIFs to provide context for certain questions and make the quiz more fun for students.

Collect submissions anywhere

Every student has their phone on them. Take advantage of this by sending out a link to the multiple-choice quiz template during class so students can complete it from the convenience of their mobile device or tablet. If you're worried about unreliable Wi-Fi in your classroom, the Formstack Go app can help you safely host quizzes and collect answers offline.

Calculate scores automatically

Put away the red pen and say goodbye to long nights spent hunched over stacks of paper. Formstack's Calculating fields can help you calculate scores automatically as soon as online quizzes are submitted. Each answer on your multiple-choice test template can be assigned a score, and questions can be weighted differently depending on your preferences.

Create personalized experiences

Since everyone learns differently, it's important for students to get personalized attention. But this can be hard to do with a large class of students. Create a personalized online quiz experience by sending students unique confirmation emails. Sending students with low scores an email that contains recommended study resources can help them do better next time.

I've seen Formstack lift my conversion rates up to 45%. It has powerful potential to increase campus engagement and enrollment.
Adam Stoltz
Director of Admissions at California State University - Chico

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