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Templates Customer Incident Report Form

Customer Incident Report Form

Track incidents of injury and other accidents in your facility to ensure staff members can follow up and resolve issues as needed.

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No matter how many preventative measures you take, accidents happen. When incidents arise, it's important to be ready to track issues as they unfold. Use this customer incident report form to ensure your staff is prepared to document accidents as they happen.

Avoid future mistakes.

Avoid future mistakes.

A log filled with descriptive information on incidents in your organization is an invaluable resource. Tracking the time, location, and other conditions surrounding an accident can help your organization quickly follow up and resolve problems. Use this customer injury incident report to get started!

Keep important records.

Keep important records.

Accidents can be frustrating and chaotic. Capturing information as soon as an incident happens is critical to ensuring issues are dealt with appropriately. Use the Date, Time, and Name fields on this form to capture crucial info on conditions, on-site staff, and witnesses.

Track incidents offline.

Track incidents offline.

Weather and location can determine whether or not your staff has reliable access to the internet. This customer incident report form can be used offline so your staff can fill it out during an emergency, even if there's no internet connection available.

Automate your communication.

Automate your communication.

Several members of your staff may need to review an accident report. Use Formstack's Approvals tool to create a seamless review process for your team. Easily set up automated notifications and get reports in front of the right people.

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