Templates Construction Scope of Work Template

Construction Scope of Work Template

Use this template to accept requests from clients and outline the exact work that needs to be completed for new projects.

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Outlining the scope of work is a critical component of any project. Use this scope of work template to collaborate with your clients and ensure that your team has a comprehensive understanding of the work to be completed on a given project.

Avoid scope creep.

Avoid scope creep.

Changes to construction projects can happen when roadblocks appear in the work. While it is important to remain flexible, outlining your project plan ahead of time will go a long way towards keeping uncontrolled project growth at bay.

Alert team members.

Alert team members.

Adding notification emails to your construction scope of work template will alert your team members when new projects are submitted by clients. Keep staff in the loop, and help everyone stay more organized and efficient.

Get work approved.

Get work approved.

Add Approvals to your form to make sure you have adequate staff for new projects. Team leads and field service technicians can approve or deny work orders directly from their email depending on whether they have the tools, staff, or skills to complete a job.

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