Confidential Morbidity Report Form

Streamline the reporting of confirmed or suspected diagnoses of diseases.

Simplify your workflows

One important job of any government agency is to protect the people it serves. This includes overseeing the health and wellness of those residing in your district, city, or county. Protecting the health of citizens includes tracking and monitoring diseases considered to be risks to public health. Streamline the reporting of infectious diseases to your government agency with this confidential morbidity report form template. Create an efficient and streamlined process for your organization that saves time, reduces redundant tasks, and eliminates paper waste.

Create thorough reports

Use this confidential morbidity report form template to create thorough reports that go in-depth about the patient's symptoms, diagnosis, testing, and treatment. Doctors can upload and share patient history, test results, physician notes, and other important documents—all within this one form. It's 100% customizable with no coding knowledge needed, so you can easily edit and expand the template according to reporting mandates in your city, county, and state.

Securely share patient information

Safely accept medical files and personal health information with Formstack's HIPAA compliant solution. Formstack encrypts data and safely stores it in a database, keeping your organization compliant with HIPAA regulations. With this confidential morbidity report form template, you have full control over who views the information and can track user activity.

Save time and resources

Don't waste time trying to decipher handwriting, or worry about printing, mailing, and faxing morbidity reports. Save time, increase efficiency, improve documentation, and easily track data with Formstack's digital form solution. Make it simple to share data with other government agencies by improving the reporting process and streamlining data management. Your data is housed within one secure database, making it simple to track information submitted by hospitals and health organizations.

Protect public health

Submitting information on reportable diseases like hepatitis, measles, and pertussis helps track the spread of infectious disease and keeps communities safe. Using Formstack makes it easy for health organizations to report these crucial findings to your government agency. This template makes it simple to collect massive amounts of data and analyze it to help protect people from possible outbreaks.

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