Formstack Announces Plans for Unified Platform as a Result of Strategic Acquisitions

February 27, 2019

Leader in data capture aims to improve workplace productivity

INDIANAPOLIS (February 27, 2019)Formstack, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company with a mission to transform the way people collect information and put it to work, announces its vision for a full-stack, integrated data platform for workplace productivity.

The platform will deliver data collection capabilities with the flagship Formstack Forms solution, Formstack Salesforce app (birthed from the acquisition of Fast Forms in 2017) and upcoming Formstack Surveys (stemming from the acquisition of QuickTapSurvey in 2018). Taking data collection one step further, the platform will also ensure processes are more efficient by providing additional products:

“The explosion of SaaS offerings, which has ultimately fueled more innovations and made almost every user’s life easier in some way, has also resulted in disparate processes, disconnected systems and too many tools that don’t integrate,” said Chris Byers, CEO of Formstack. “We saw that our users needed a unified data management system that not only transformed how teams collected data but also how that data was put to use to impact the bottom line. Our recent acquisitions have been vital in rounding out our new workplace productivity solution and its ability to increase efficiencies across any department in the enterprise.”

Formstack’s recent acquisition of Bedrock Data, an online data integration platform that syncs customer data between systems through pre-built connectors, gives Formstack customers immediate access to 14 advanced integrations, including Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle NetSuite, HubSpot and Marketo. Additional integrations will be released to customers in the months ahead.

“Bedrock Data’s core belief—that data is a powerful tool that helps teams do better work while forging deeper connections—aligns directly with Formstack’s vision,” said Taylor Barstow, CEO of Bedrock Data. “While Bedrock syncs data, Formstack workflows help manage the processes around how data is used within a department or team. Together, we give users access to a more dynamic platform that will change how the industry views workplace productivity and data management.”

Customers can expect to see changes throughout 2019 that reflect Formstack’s transformation into a platform with multiple product lines. To learn more about Formstack’s vision for the future, visit CEO Chris Byers’s blog post.

About Formstack
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Allyson Johnson, APR