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Formstack's Vision for the Future

Chris Byers
February 27, 2019
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To the innovators and the creatives. To those who love to make the world around them better. To those who want to reduce chaos and eliminate barriers. To those who are never satisfied with the status quo. To those who create transformation.

We are building something for you: a workplace productivity platform.

This new Formstack platform is built with a vision of transforming the way you collect data and put it to work.

We’ve been on a years-long journey to make it easier to do your job. Each of us in our daily work is plagued with monotony—with repetition that causes us to slow down and get stuck in the weeds. We have to navigate across too many applications and learn too many systems to be as effective as we want to be every day. We understand that paper is a relic, but it never seems to go away, and our systems still aren’t efficient enough to make a world of difference in our days.

One of our customers, Neena, from a university in Colorado, recently shared with our team how effective our workflow capability was in improving operations in her department. She wants to continue to slay slow processes in her organization, but she also sees limitations in our current state of Formstack. We agree with her. We could be doing so much more.

We believe we can help you. We can help you get altitude. We can help you think more strategically. We can help you eliminate that which slows you, your department, and your company down.

Every day we collect information. We have news stories and emails and phone calls and texts coming our direction. We talk to customers and vendors and colleagues. We read. We listen. We talk. We communicate.

But how do we organize that data? How do we turn those ad hoc conversations into something actionable? We need to form all that input into something we can see and organize and understand. We need to form it into a process that allows those around us to take action. We need to create a solution that lets the data take care of itself.

Our platform will provide you with exceptional data collection capabilities, including our flagship Formstack Forms, Formstack Salesforce app, and—coming soon—Formstack Surveys. Once you collect data, though, we know you need to start making your processes more efficient. So we will also provide our advanced integrations; Formstack Documents, our contract and document generation solution; Formstack Flow, the future of workflow; and Formstack Payments, the simple way to collect money.

Not all of this will be released today, but we have great plans for 2019 and what we can offer you to solve important business problems. What is ready for release is the team and technology we’ve recently acquired to provide advanced integrations. Starting today, Bedrock Data will provide our customers access to 14 new integrations, including HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, and Marketo.

We are building this for you, the creatives and the innovators, and know we need your help to create the best solution. Share your desires for how to rid the world of inefficiency by emailing me directly at chris@formstack.com. Let’s do this together.


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Chris Byers
Chris is the CEO of Formstack and leads the company vision. His goal is to deliver on Formstack's mission to improve people’s lives with practical solutions to their everyday work.
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