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Smartsheet Forms Integration

Use form submission data to manage projects and easily organize your daily tasks.

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Formstack's Smartsheet integration simplifies project management by giving you an easy way to collect and manage your online data. Use Formstack to create and style powerful online forms packed with advanced tools, including conditional logic and customizable notification emails.

The Smartsheet integration lets you map your form fields to your Smartsheet sheets so you can easily fill new rows with incoming submission data. Quickly manage your daily operations, organize pipelines, optimize marketing campaigns, run events, and support your human resources department. The possibilities are endless!

With the Smartsheet forms integration, you can:

  • Create powerful forms with advanced form styling and conditional logic
  • Use submissions to easily create new rows of data in your sheets
  • Notify team members when new submissions are added to your sheets

What You Need

How It Works


Quickly build mobile-friendly forms with our intuitive builder. Easy drag and drop lets you add in fields and create a ready-to-go form in minutes.


Turn on the integration by logging into your Smartsheet account within the Formstack app. You can then choose the sheet you want to populate.


Create and map the form fields you want to populate in Smartsheet. Every time a submission occurs, your sheet will be updated automatically.

To learn more about setting up the web forms Smartsheet integration, please read this Help article.

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