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Formstack's government forms let you collect and share information on any device. Save trees, and better serve your community.

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A powerful way to connect with your community

Create intuitive forms fast

Use drag and drop to easily build government forms and surveys from scratch, or get a head start with over 100 ready-to-go templates. Formstack strives to comply with Section 508 and WCAG, which means all forms are intuitive and easy for anyone to fill out.

Save time and go paperless

Turn tedious paper processes into seamless digital workflows that can move across multiple people and departments. The Workflows tool lets you and your staff easily review, edit, and comment on grant applications, incident reports, and community requests.

Manage the data you collect

Dive into analytics to learn more about your community, and easily filter through form responses to extract valuable insights for research reports and surveys. Display the results in professionally designed charts, tables, and graphs that can be shared with your staff.

Don't worry about security

Collaborate on data without worrying about threats to your account. Set user permissions to control who views what, and easily export information to share with your staff. No matter what you do with it, your data is protected through advanced encryption and SSL.

Create paperless government solutions.

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