The Ultimate Guide to Paperless Healthcare

Use Formstack's free healthcare kit to learn how to ditch paperwork for good and provide better, more efficient patient care.

How often do you find yourself faxing, scanning, printing, and shredding paper documents? Many healthcare professionals are spending as much as half their week on manual work, even with an EHR in place.

It's time for a change. To help you conquer messy paperwork for good, we've put together a comprehensive kit filled with free resources for mastering paperless healthcare.

Dive in to explore easy strategies for everything from improving healthcare security to measuring patient satisfaction.

Access a bundle of free resources, including:

Guide Anatomy of a Paperless Patient Onboarding Process

Learn how to use online healthcare forms to simplify patient onboarding, provide more efficient care, and improve your bottom line.

Infographic 4 Steps to a Successful Incident Management Process

Discover how workflow automation and HIPAA compliant forms can help you create an efficient, error-free incident reporting process.

White Paper Overcoming the Challenges of Healthcare Digital Documentation

Learn how mobile healthcare forms can help you reduce administrative costs and seamlessly collect, store, and share patient data.

Case Study Indiana Health Group Offers an Efficient Patient Onboarding Experience

Explore the story of Indiana Health Group, a mental health facility that uses online forms to efficiently onboard 90% of its new patients.

Online Forms Ready-To-Go Healthcare Form Templates

Start crushing your toughest healthcare challenges with prebuilt form templates for patient registration, discharges, referrals, and more.