The Anatomy of a Paperless Patient Onboarding Process

Use Formstack's healthcare guide to streamline your patient onboarding process, create quality care experiences, and improve your bottom line.

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Patient onboarding is the process of getting new patients registered and oriented with your health organization. Thanks to new technology and healthcare policy shifts, creating a great first impression of your facility has become of paramount importance for you and your patients. This means you need to give patients easy access to forms and health information, protect their data, provide easy appointment scheduling, and reduce wait times.

To help you achieve these tasks, we've put together a comprehensive guide on building a paperless patient onboarding process. Download your free copy today to get exclusive tips on building patient onboarding forms that reduce the need for paper, streamline tasks, and enhance the patient experience.

This free guide includes:

  • Tips on building accessible patient onboarding forms
  • Best practices for data security, storage, and routing
  • Strategies for collecting helpful patient feedback

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