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Introducing Your New In-App Workflows Dashboard, Workspace

Abby Nieten
November 14, 2018
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Thanks to the input provided on the Formstack Ideas site, our Workflows just got even better. We’ve added an in-app dashboard, called Workspace, to help workflow participants better track their assigned tasks. Do workflow emails often get buried in your inbox? Have you accidentally deleted important email notifications about your assigned workflow steps? Does relying on email alone cause workflow bottlenecks? Workspace is designed to combat these tough workflow challenges by giving users a dedicated space to view and complete any assigned workflow tasks. It’s a workflow management tool aimed at bringing more organization to the workflow process and cutting down on lost emails that have to be resent. Intrigued? Read on for more details.

Key Features of Workspace

Workspace comes with two important features to help keep your organization’s automated workflows on track. The first is the Custom Identifier. You can now add an identifying element to your workflow forms that serves as a label to differentiate each workflow. A Custom Identifier can be set in the Form Extras section of a workflow form or in the Publish section of the workflow editor. Any of four field types can be used as an identifier: Email, Number, Phone Number, and Short Answer. If a Custom Identifier is set, that value will appear in the subject line of the assignment notification emails that are sent.

workflow management

The second is the Assigned Tasks list. Inside your Workspace, a list of your assigned workflow steps appears in a sidebar on the left. You can select a workflow step from the list to complete it in-app; the associated form will appear on the right when you select a task from the list. If you complete an assigned task within Workspace, the next task will automatically loop around after a few seconds.

workflow management

Workspace Use Cases

Workspace can be used in a number of ways, but we created it with some specific use cases in mind. If you work in human resources, Workspace can streamline performance reviews. Set an email address or employee ID as a Customer Identifier to ensure reviewers know who they are reviewing. And streamline manager reviews and approvals by giving them one place to complete review tasks for all direct reports. If you work in education, Workspace can help you stay on top of student requests. Use student ID numbers as Customer Identifiers to help admin stay organized with add/drop requests, transfer requests, and more. If you work in healthcare, Workspace can keep important patient workflows on track. Patient record ID numbers can be set as Customer Identifiers, and the Assigned Tasks dashboard can help providers and admin staff quickly complete and submit visit and treatment notes in one place.

How to Access Workspace

Workspace is available through Formstack Workflows, which is a separate add-on to your Formstack account. If you’ve already purchased Workflows, simply login to check out Workspace. You will see a Workspace tab in the top navigation bar near the Forms tab. Additionally, any assignment notification emails you receive will have a button linking to your Workspace. (Note: Workflows Participant Users will be taken to the Workspace dashboard immediately upon login.)

If you’re interested in learning more about Formstack’s workflow management tool, contact our sales team today!


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Abby Nieten
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