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3 Formstack Sign Integrations that Simplify Insurance Workflows

Ashley Alexander
July 28, 2021
Min Read

With the rising importance of digital transformation, many insurance organizations are looking for opportunities to streamline processes, improve the customer experience, and stay competitive. Formstack Sign helps insurance teams simplify workflows and better meet customer needs by digitizing documents and signatures. From quotes and proposals to policies and claims, important documents can be sent from agents to clients via email or text message to be reviewed and signed online.

Digitizing eSignature processes eliminates the need for paper and saves agents and their customers valuable time. But perhaps the greatest benefit of Sign is its ability to connect to other platforms, such as an organization’s agency management system. Let’s take a look at three of Formstack Sign’s top integrations and how they help insurance organizations better manage customer documents and signatures.


HawkSoft is an agency management system that helps insurance companies streamline workflows and create a better experience for staff and policyholders. Combined with Formstack Sign, you can simplify eSignature collection on a variety of critical documents, including policies, ACORD forms, and change request forms. 

Simply email or text documents to clients, and they can sign from anywhere on their computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Once documents are signed, they are stored and logged to the corresponding client files in your HawkSoft account. With important client documents stored in one location, agents will never have to dig through endless email threads or piles of paperwork again.

Applied Epic

Applied Epic is a cloud-based insurance solution that helps agents, brokers, insurance providers, and consumers simplify the exchange of insurance data. With Formstack Sign’s integration, you can seamlessly send and manage proposals, policies, claims, and other documents that require a signature. 

Easily load multiple documents for signing in just a couple of clicks, and send email notifications to participants to accelerate the process. To make it easy to organize signed documents, Applied Epic lets you create multiple folder levels and search, report, and track document history and versions at both the client and vendor level.

Want an inside look at how the Applied Epic integration works? Check out our Formstack Builder's tutorial for a step-by-step breakdown.

QQ Catalyst

QQCatalyst by Vertafore is an agency management system that helps insurance agents streamline processes with operational, marketing, and sales pipeline management tools. It enables agencies to strengthen customer relationships and ensure effective workflow management, so they can focus on growing their book of business. 

Similar to other Formstack Sign integrations, you can collect eSignatures on key insurance documents and send completed files directly to your Vertafore account. Signed documents will automatically appear under the Files section of a Contact in QQCatalyst. Whether you’re managing insurance quotes or policy documents, the QQCatalyst integration ensures files are signed quickly and safely stored in your account so all agents have easy access to customer information.

Connecting these systems to Formstack Sign is a secure, easy way to simplify eSignature workflows, improve the customer experience, and help agents be more productive. But we’ve only touched the surface on how Sign can support your insurance organization. Explore other Formstack Sign integrations and features by starting a 14-day free trial.


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Ashley Alexander
Ashley is the Senior Copywriter at Formstack. She spends most of her time writing, reviewing, and editing copy for web pages, emails, sales docs, and other promotional content. Before joining the Formstack team, she studied Professional Writing, Creative Writing, and Anthropology at Purdue University. She currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.
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