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HawkSoft CMS is an agency management system that helps insurance agencies streamline workflows and create a better experience for staff and policyholders. Combined with Formstack Sign, you can simplify eSignature collection on a variety of critical documents, including proposals, reports, policies, claims, and more. Simply email or text documents to clients and they can eSign from anywhere on their computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Once documents are signed, they are stored and logged to the corresponding client files in your HawkSoft account.

With Formstack Sign’s HawkSoft integration, you can:

  • Email or text documents for eSigning directly from your HawkSoft account
  • Eliminate messy paperwork and minimize filing errors
  • Reduce errors and omissions (E&O) exposure with digital records
  • Store all communication and documents in a single system

What You Need

How It Works

Using HawkSoft’s eSignature collection solution with Formstack is easy!

  1. In your HawkSoft account, go to the client file you’d like to manage and select the attachment list. Choose the document you’d like to share, right click, and select “Send for eSignature.” Use the dropdowns to fill in the required signers and followers. Enter a subject and message for your signers and click “Upload.”
  2. You will then be directed to your Formstack account to finish the sending process. Simply confirm your documents and participants, add in your signature fields, set up reminders as needed, and hit “Send.”

For additional information on setting up the HawkSoft CMS integration, check out HawkSoft’s help article.

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