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It’s Time to Reimagine Your World of Work

Kathryn Loheide
October 6, 2020
Min Read

Last updated January 11, 2022

In 2006, Formstack was founded on the belief that “there has to be a better way.” A better way to capture data. A better way to automate tedious and repetitive work. A better way to implement solutions to everyday problems without any special skills or coding.

Since then, we’ve grown to 250 employees and expanded from online forms to a powerful workplace productivity solution used by more than 27,000 organizations of all sizes—from startups to Fortune 500s. Customers around the world use Formstack to do everything from improving the patient intake process to automating marketing and sales workflows.

While a lot has changed over those 14 years, one thing has not: our focus on helping organizations accelerate work with no-code productivity solutions. In fact, during the pandemic, it’s become paramount. 

Today, we’re unveiling Formstack’s new brand position and identity (brought to life on our refreshed website). More importantly, we’re sharing our view on how organizations and the workplace have forever changed, and why we believe the key to digital transformation success (read: business success) is all about empowering the non-technical worker.

We’re in a new digital (transformation) divide

Every organization is undergoing digital transformation efforts to accelerate work, improve the employee and customer experience, and create operational efficiencies at scale. However, most transformation efforts take too long or fail. Employee and customer expectations shift faster than transformation and upskilling efforts, leaving them left frustrated or going elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the pandemic brought into focus how vulnerable companies really are to making critical digital changes—from serving a surge of customers migrating to digital channels to scaling back-end operations.

We are in a new digital transformation divide, with many organizations unable to capitalize on opportunities or, worse, being disrupted by digital-first competition.

And it’s no surprise why. Digital transformation solutions get disseminated from the top via IT without enabling non-technical workers to interact with the new technology to solve their everyday problems. Workers are instead stuck waiting for IT to implement solutions, and customers are waiting for easy-to-use digital experiences.

Added up, the current ways of working—with broken or inefficient processes—are preventing worker agility and, ultimately, their ability to deliver the experiences customers now expect. The current systems still don’t put the power where it needs to be—in the hands of employees who know their team’s problems and challenges the best. 

What we realized is employees want the ability to create solutions that help fulfill the larger objectives of the transformation...they just need easy-to-use, self-service solutions to do it.

And what they’re asking for leads to a greater chance of success with your org-wide digital transformation initiatives. Digital transformation success is twice as likely when organizations implement digital self-serve technology for employees’ use.

What if you could reimagine your world of work?

Mobilizing non-tech workers with no-code solutions to automate repetitive administrative tasks—and go from idea to workflow in minutes—leads to an organization more flexible to changing customer expectations. More resilient to challenges. And better able to capture new opportunities.

Imagine empowering HR to streamline hiring and onboarding, eliminate repetitive tasks, and improve communication with employees. Or empowering Marketing to streamline data collection and convert more leads into customers.

Imagine removing the burden on your IT team and empowering anyone to quickly and easily build custom forms, create documents, and collect eSignatures—all without any specialized skills or coding. Kevin Howell, IT Director of CRM at AdventHealth, has seen this firsthand.

Imagine confusing workflows streamlined, manual tasks automated, and broken processes transformed, so employee time can be freed up to perform more value-added jobs. According to our 2020 Formstack Customer Survey, Formstack customers save two working days per week on average using our workplace productivity platform.

It’s time to reimagine your world of work. And we’re here to help, with everything you need to accelerate digital work.

Meet the new Formstack

Formstack is a workplace productivity solution that empowers anyone in your organization to digitize what matters, automate workflows, and fix processes—all without code. Our platform combines the power of digital forms, document automation, and eSignatures into one, seamless solution to streamline workflows. Learn more about the Formstack Platform.

New face, same space

We’ve brought an improved user experience and our new brand positioning and visual identity to life on our new website. While we’re holding strong to our current logo and mantra that simplicity is our strength, we’re introducing a new color palette, typography, illustrations, photography, and more to help inspire people to reimagine their world of work to get the business results they need. If you’re interested in digging into our new design system and philosophy, visit our brand page.


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Kathryn Loheide
Kathryn Loheide is the former SVP of Marketing at Formstack, where she led customer acquisition and growth while creating brand advocates among customers, partners, and employees.
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