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Add Thank-You Pages to Your Forms for More Engagement

February 5, 2015
Min Read

At last! You’ve built the perfect landing page, designed an attractive form theme, and created a killer submit button.You’re ready to publish your form. But wait. Is there something you’re missing?If you haven’t spent time on what happens after someone submits the form, you could be missing the perfect opportunity to drive deeper engagement. Enter the thank-you page redirect.

Why Bother with Thank-You Pages?

It’s tempting to skip the thank-you page. You already have the contact information you needed. Can’t you just let users know the form was submitted successfully with a simple thank-you email?You could. And you should. A thank-you page doesn’t replace a confirmation message you send to users. But don’t leave them “stranded” on your landing page on the site, or they will click away. Redirecting them to a thank-you page is a much better option. A thank you page creates more opportunities to:

  • Personalize your marketing
  • Open doors to further engagement
  • Guide prospects through the buying cycle faster

And more good news? They’re super simple to create.

How to Create a Great Thank-You Page

Building an engaging thank-you page for your forms can usually be done in a matter of minutes. Here’s a simple formula you can use when setting up these webpages for your Formstack forms:

1. Pick a good URL: If you’re creating a page to send users to after they fill out a basic form (such as the one on your contact page), a simple yourdomain.com/thank-you works well. It can also be used for multiple forms. If you’re promoting a specific event or product, make sure your thank-you page matches the landing page URL (i.e. yourdomain.com/event-registration-success).

2. Reintroduce navigation: The best landing pages are free of distractions and don’t include links to other pages on your website. Not so with thank-you pages. People have already converted when they arrive here. Now the goal is to drive deeper engagement with your brand. Bring back your navigation menu so they can easily explore the rest of your website.

3. Say thank you and restate the offer: Even when a form doesn’t turn a prospect into a customer you can still make a great first impression. State why you’re glad they took time to fill out your form. Then restate your offer. If you promised a free download, provide the link. If you invited them to request a sales call, let them know how soon they’ll hear from you.

4. Pick one more call to action: Form thank-you pages should be simple and straightforward. Think of one or two ways you can encourage further action. You could:

  • Offer a one-on-one demo following report downloads
  • Ask event registrants to like your brand on Facebook
  • Provide links to popular content after new subscription payments
  • Invite donors to subscribe to your newsletter or blog RSS feed

5. Link it to your form: Once your thank-you page is set up, adding it to your Formstack form is easy. Within the form builder:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Emails & Redirects
  3. Scroll down to After the Form is Submitted and click the option to make changes
  4. Select Redirect to an External URL
  5. Enter the destination for your new thank-you page

That’s it! Make it a habit to create thank-you pages for your forms and start seeing returns. Someone who fills out your form is a targeted lead who wants to interact with your brand. Redirecting them to a special thank-you page is the perfect way to help them engage at the next level.

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