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How to Simplify Your Marketing Strategy (Without Sacrificing Leads)

June 8, 2017
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Are you feeling a little bogged down in your marketing strategy? You’re definitely not alone. Managing a marketing campaign is complicated these days when you consider all the channels you have to target and all the tools you need to ensure things run smoothly. The sheer number of tasks you have to manage can be overwhelming, but you can lessen the burden by reducing your toolset to just a few key solutions that accomplish multiple tasks.Online form solutions work especially well for the steps in your process that involve collecting leads and routing information to different teams and applications. Here are some form tools we use at Formstack to streamline the lead collection process, improve conversions, and create a more focused marketing strategy for our team.

Form Insights

Form analytics tools can reveal a wealth of insights that make it easier to pinpoint your best strategies and find areas in need of improvement. One of my favorite tools at Formstack is UTM Tracking. Through this tool, you can attribute form submissions to different marketing campaigns through parameters like source, medium, term, content, and campaign name.

UTM tracking for online forms conversion optimization

With this information at your fingertips, it’s easy to track your efforts and optimize your strategy without needing the help of outside analytics software. Notice a form that isn’t contributing well to your campaign? Change up the questions or tweak form copy to see if you can boost response rates. If you’re looking for more specific data on what isn’t working, you can use a form tool called Field Bottlenecks. This is a Formstack feature that lets you pinpoint specific fields on your form that cause users to click away. It’s common for marketers to add unnecessary questions to a form for the sake of obtaining additional information. (We’ve all done it.) If you notice your conversion forms aren’t performing well, dig into your field data to discover the areas that either need to be made optional or need to be eliminated from your forms completely.

Form Optimization

If you’re looking for specific ways to optimize your online forms without investing in outside tools, look for a form solution that provides conversion optimization features. Since online forms are pivotal conversion points, your marketing strategies will suffer if you don’t continually optimize your forms. With the right tools, you can improve your campaigns quickly, and possibly even hit your goals ahead of time.One of the most unique conversion optimization tools we use at Formstack is Partial Submissions. Through this feature, you can view form submission data even if it was never actually submitted by a user. It captures information as it is entered into each form field, so you can see who showed interest in your form and what data they provided before deciding to abandon.

conversion forms

With this information, you get the rare chance to reconnect with potential leads (if they filled in their email address). You also get to see the form completion process in action, so you can make tweaks to questions or copy depending on where people are stopping in the form and what information they are providing.

Form Integrations

Finally, we have integrations—the greatest form tools of them all. Through an integration, you can connect your online forms to the outside apps you already use and love. So instead of manually entering form submission data into your CRM or email marketing software, you can set up your form to automatically route information to these apps upon submission. This is a great way to simplify your marketing strategy for many reasons, including the ability to save time, reduce data entry errors, and let your team focus on more important tasks.A favorite of mine is the Salesforce integration or our native Salesforce app. This tool passes lead data between your conversion forms and your Salesforce account. You can auto-update existing records, attach multiple Salesforce objects to a single form submission, and even add file uploads to your records.

conversion optimization

The integration is an easy way to get information to your sales team fast and error-free and to ensure that everything is on track for nurturing campaigns and other initiatives.

These tools offer just a few ways you can simplify your marketing strategy with an online form solution like Formstack. Explore more marketing tools in Formstack’s exclusive Conversion Kit.


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