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Reimagine Your World of Work with Season 2 of Ripple Effect

Lindsay McGuire
September 10, 2020
Min Read

What a year it’s been.

It’s safe to say when we launched Ripple Effect this past January, none of us could have predicted how drastically and quickly the world would change. Season 1 feels like a lifetime ago!

As with most things this year, Ripple Effect has been impacted by the rapid changes happening around us. As we began production of this season, we wanted to know how leaders across the globe are reimagining work to keep up with the unique obstacles thrown at us this year.

We cover a lot in season 2, from transitioning a long-standing, in-person conference to a virtual experience to adjusting golf courses to the needs of contactless service. This season digs into the challenges brought forth by the pandemic and the creative and innovative solutions used to overcome them.

Ripple Effect season 2 officially launches on September 24, 2020. Here’s who and what to expect on this season:

Episode 1: The No-Code Tech Revolution

Guest: Tara Reed

Title: CEO

Organization: Apps Without Code

Discussion: There’s a no-code revolution happening that is empowering employees with creative tools that take zero technical knowledge or coding skills to use. What should you know about these tools and how can they help you? Tara shares her story of getting into the no-code app space and how this tech enables anyone to reach their goals.

Episode 2: Simplifying Processes in the

Digital Age

Guest: Mark Walcott

Title: Executive Director Advancement Systems

Organization: University of Houston

Discussion: When in-person work is no longer an option, you have to overhaul your processes and completely rethink how you get work done. What steps are important to follow when deciding on which new, innovative tools to try out? Mark gives us his thoughts on how to select the right tools and workflows to address any problem.

Episode 3: Reimagining Work with

No-Code Tools

Guest: Nile Frater

Title: Head of Engineering Strategy, Innovation, Talent & Centres of Expertise

Organization: Lloyds Banking Group

Discussion: No-code and low-code tools are a hot market. As Managing Director of ConcreteCapital and owner of NoCodeTech, Nile knows a thing or two about these types of products. Learn more about how and why no-code SaaS came to be, and some predictions for the future.

Episode 4: Pivoting from In-Person to Virtual

Guest: Megan Miller and Andrew Meyers

Titles: Planning Committee Members

Organization: eduWeb Digital Summit

Discussion: What do you do when an in-person conference with more than 500 attendees has to go virtual? Andrew and Megan dig into how they helped eduWeb Digital Summit reimagine this completely in-person event with a 15-year history. What technology made this switch possible? How receptive were the presenters, attendees, and sponsors? Find out!

Episode 5

Guest: Mike Barnes

Title: Director, Salesforce.com Administration

Organization: GOLFNOW

Discussion: 2020 is the year of learning how to pivot, and it’s no different for the team at GOLFNOW. From contactless payments to working from home, there were a lot of changes this team had to navigate this year. Throw in some tech talk and Salesforce, and you’ve got yourself a jam-packed episode.

Available: November 12

Episode 6

Guest: Jeremy Parker

Title: Founder and CEO 

Organization: Swag.com

Discussion: Jeremy Parker is CEO and co-founder of Swag.com, an eCommerce platform for purchasing promotional materials. Jeremy is passionate about creating a conscientious business serving the best interests of his employees and customers. 
In this episode, we dig into how he’s built a responsible business model while experiencing exponential growth, particularly during a time where others in his industry declined. How has reimagining work impacted Swag.com’s ability to grow?

Available: November 26

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Lindsay McGuire
Lindsay is the Content Marketing Manager at Formstack, splitting her time between creating blog content, writing reports, and hosting Formstack's Practically Genius podcast. She's a proud graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism (MIZ!) and loves connecting with others on LinkedIn.
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